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Thread: Help needed - Safari Rifle.

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    Help needed - Safari Rifle.

    I'm in the planning faze of a new rifle and am after the advice and input from the fellow members on here.

    Whats in the planning is a safari rifle.

    Last time I went to Africa I took a rem 700 in .308 which did a great job. Although something with a bit more stopping power would be ideal.

    The key to this one is I'm looking at a left handed action.

    All thoughts appreciated.

    Kind Regards


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    To narrow it down a bit, are you looking for an all-rounder (which will certainly provoke considerable discussion) or would you consider taking two (or more) for plains and dangerous game.

    If it's an all-rounder, than a .375 H&H is worth a thought - widely available both in choice of rifles (from a few hundred's to the sky's the limit) and ammunition, good balance between recoil and functionality, great heritage and PH's usually approve (if that's important to you), and even a remote chance of getting it conditioned for use here.

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    .300WMag or 7mmRMag for if you want more oomph than a .308 for plains game, .375 for big or dangerous stuff, .458WMag for REALLY big dangerous stuff...

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    Unless you are heading for Namibia (perhaps even if) I would get a 9,3x62 or .375 H&H
    Having said that, there is a lot to be said for a .30-06
    For a longer ranges like open terrain in Namibia, I would look at a 7mm Rem Mag
    You also have the most chance of finding a ammo for those if necessary. They also all have a use back here (7mm in Scotland, 9,3 & ,375 for boar in Europe).
    Really depends what you are planning...
    It also depends how much you are looking to spend...

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    375H&H you can load a great range of bullet weights and it will take anything under the african sun.

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    Depending on your budget... - Blaser .375 HH Mag R93 Straight Pull Second Hand Rifle

    Horrible plastic thing for those with no romance in their soul or who blanch at the thought of scraping a nice piece of walnut over every rock and thorn bush in Africa. However, it probably shoots quite well. Just don't leave it in the sun - I'll bet that dark colour gets nice and warm.

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    Hi Rob,

    What are you planning to hunt on your next safari? If it`s DG I would go .375 or .416, PG it`s got to be 30-06, culling trip .22-250 or .223
    The all important thing in Africa is ammo availability .375/30-06/.308/.223 are all pretty easy to come by. Don`t rely on your home loads - if they are held up at customs or you run out you will be stuck with the PH`s knackered old CZ602 with iron sights and charged for the priviledge!! Then you`ll wish you had a more popular calibre in the first place.

    Personally I wouldn`t take a straight-pull to Africa - just imagine all that sand getting into the action of your expensive blaser/Heym?? Just remember that your scope/mounts are more important than the rifle itself (assuming it shoots straight). When choosing a calibre shoot a few first - if you can`t handle a .300 then you surely won`t hold onto a .500, or that kind of logic. The reason I say that is that knock down power is worth nothing without accuracy so if you shoot a 30-06 well stick with it but put your first shot in well, the rest will follow. Too many have gone on safari with a cannon and ruined there chances.

    I hope this helps and I`m not teaching you to suck eggs!?
    ATB with your gun search,

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    That is a point worth stressing. Be sure that the gun(s) you ultimately take won't stop you from enjoying yourself - either because you are not confident of their accuracy or because you are worried about damaging them.

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    What are you hunting mate?

    I took a 30.06 to Africa and killed everything up to Blue wildebeest just fine with a 180 gr Hornady Interlock at about 2550fps.

    This performance is obtainable in the 308 with the same bullet as there are "fast" 308s and "slow" 30.06s and visa versa.

    If I was to do it again I would take a barnes 168 tsx at around 2700-2800.

    IMHO, there is not a very much difference between the 308 and the 30.06 with bullets of 180 grains and below.

    If you are to get something from your Remmy, I would suggest either larger or smaller, depending on what you hunting and how you are hunting it.

    Excellent suggestions above on what covers the various bases but personally I would say get a 375 if more than plainsgame is ever likely to be on the menu, older Sakos occasionally turn up in this calibre.

    In Africa the local boys tend to shoot 300 win mags when serious about their PG and 375 and 458s for the big stuff.

    Believe it or not the .243 and 308 are probably the most popular of the "other" calibres I saw.

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    I have a .375 for elk. I think it's a fine all around caliber... certainly no stranger to the Dark Continent.~Muir

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