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Thread: Free stalking day

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    Free stalking day

    Hi Guys,
    Having used this site for some time it has become clear that our sport is booming! That is great but it leaves a lot of guys without any ground or hope of gaining it. I have decided to offer a newbie stalker a day stalking for either Roe or Fallow in Hampshire. Dates to be fixed by mutual agreement.
    To qualify for this offer you must:
    A) Be a relative newcomer to stalking
    B) Not have access to your own ground
    C) Be unable to afford regular paid stalking (I`m not asking people to reveal their personal income just that those able to afford to pay a guide pass this up)
    If this is you or someone you know and would like to put forward then please PM me with the relevant details of experience etc.. (I`m happy to take a complete novice out but they will need to have a range session and be able to demonstrate a small amount of knowledge before stalking).
    The successful candidate must have 3rd party insurance. Also if the successful candidate needs to travel any distance I will also give them a bed for the night.
    I will set a closing date for this of midnight on April 30th at which point I will draw a winner and post back.

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    Well done Charly, exactly what the site is all about!

    Best clear your inbox for incoming!


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    Hats of to this man

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    Great offer wish i had my own piece of England to offer the same
    Hats off to that man.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Thats a fantastic offer! In fact your making me feel bad keeping my permission to myself, so on that note i will do the same for somebody in the devon area!


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    well done charly, someone will have a brilliant time with you im sure.

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    well done boys hats of to you.


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    Thanks for the support fella`s. I have been blessed with some great friends and opportunities through this site and just want to give a little back. A few members here have given me huge ammounts of advice and also some swap hunts I would never have thought possible (no names but they know who they are). This is the best way I can think of giving back to our sport.

    This offer is open to members and non members (who must be supported by a regular poster) I will also accept a Parent/child combo (subject to the kids age/build etc) There`s nothing better than grassing a first beast with a youngster!

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    Marine 1980 -

    Run it past Malc and then stick it in seperate post mate, it`s a great offer and shouldn`t get lost in this thread. Well done mate

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    What a great offer.
    I know just how difficult it is to get decent stalking at an affordable price but have been lucky enough to fall on a fantastic syndicate place and have access to local roe stalking at a very fair price.
    If this was 6 months ago I'd have bitten your hand off for this opportunity.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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