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Thread: Is it worth measuring

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    Is it worth measuring

    I have a roe head from a buck i culled last year its a full skull and it is 400gms would this make a bronze i don't think i will cull better on my ground. it is very even
    I ask because i have worked hard removing young bucks and reducing the doe's on my ground it's conifer block and not the best feeding for the most part.

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    Sorry mate but the answer to your question is no 460 grm and also a really good head eg 23 or over cm long nice and wide and even with a full 6 points. etc .But if your heads are improving then you are doing a good job some ground just cannot produce medals . But you could get the good heads measured free of charge and keep a good record might help to see how your deer are improving but i found the best way was the weights of my deer .does weights in nov dec before they lose all there fat and bucks may and june when they are most settled.

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    I had a poor bronze last a few years ago, it weighed 490 grams full skull. The pearling, points and length of tines were all pretty poor, came in at just over a bronze by 5 cic points.

    That should hopefully give you a small gauge in the future.


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