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Thread: Stalker/Manager or Land Grabber?

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    Stalker/Manager or Land Grabber?

    Went out This morning for a look round one of my new permissions and whilst waiting/watching it occured to me that some people hold a lot more land than than they can reasonably manage.
    There is a BIG differance between a manager and a stalker.
    I currently have access to a reasonable amount of land and can find the time to manage deer as the owners have the right to expect.
    Last year having been asked to take out a few extra on a sensitive patch an associate had been after his own bit for some time so being busy at work I arranged for him to take over for a few months.briefing him that this was a management job he failed miserably to take even one beast.He will not get the chance again I had to fence the trees and still just have kept the land.
    How many people hold land they cannot get round often enough to do the job??
    If you have a cull of 10 roe then for most it is 30 visits if you are a half decent stalker
    Why not allow somone less fortunate to get out
    2 bucks were taken off my permissions this morning 45 mile apart

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    And people get a bollocking for 300 yard shots

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    It's true... I have 168acres mixed arable and woodland which I share with another stalker and it is an ideal size. Mine is purely recreational stalking as there's no real pressure to keep numbers down, the landowner quite likes the idea of having deer on the land so it's more a case of taking a couple for the freezer 4 or 5 times a year. This suits my current lifestyle and work commitments so I'm happy with it.
    Having 1000's of acres dotted all over the place is all good and well in theory but in reallity for me it would be unmanageable.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    Si yes thats my point exactly you are happy with what you can manage good on you.
    I reacently heard if someone knocking on doors when he already has several hundreds of acres and ony goes twice a year that is sheer greed or stupid as it gets us a bad name.
    nice one Bobt had not read it like that

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    Wise words, roedeered and Si.

    Hilarious words, bobt!
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    I guess its the difference between recreational and running a business. I can understand those that land "grab" all they can, because you never know if circumstances change with the landowner means a change for you. I know people who have stalked land for years, have excellent relationships with the land owners and who have lost their permission thro death, money, scull duggery and any other permitation. Permission is a fickle thing it can take ages to gain some but only minutes to loose it and its against this backdrop that I can understand people land grabbing as much as they can. What is annoying is seeing that they do not have enough time to do it properly but will they give it up.... will they heck! Happy days

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    I think it's down to location. I have a few very local permisions covering a fair acreage and I feel I do them justice, am able to pop in to them regularly even without the rifle to get to know whats about etc and show my face.(often on the way to and from work). It also means that if you have a window of a couple of hours on an evening you can pop out.
    Anything further than 5 or 10 miles and your not going to bother.
    I have one small bit about an hour 1/4 away , only make it up there a couple of times a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liongeorge View Post
    Anything further than 5 or 10 miles and your not going to bother.
    I have one small bit about an hour 1/4 away , only make it up there a couple of times a year.
    Bloody hell you live in a different world to us up here, it is 10 miles to the nearest shop and 140 mile round trip to work and back, a hour and a quarter is almost classed as local.

    I just backed out of a potential lease today and give it to another site member to bid on; I knew that I would struggle to stalk it with my other stalking commitments.



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    I have an awful lot of land that I can shoot over locally to where I live, when I say locally I mean < 10 miles from my door. The nearest being 50 yards from my door.

    Some of these grounds I initially only had permission from the landowner to shoot pests, EG rabbit, pigeon, fox.

    Only after proving that I can do the job efficiently and a bit of arm twisting I was granted permission to manage the deer population. This only happened by developing the relationship over a few years. Should I have only stuck to the first bit of ground that I had I would still only have permission to shoot pests and no deer, this landowner is happy to see deer on the farm and wants them left alone. I know that I will get a call from him one day when he personally see's these deer eating his most expensive crop of the year, he will want something done about it. I have been out lamping foxes and have seen up to 14 eating these seasonal crops, that call will come one day.

    So I feel by having more than one ground is definitely worth it as some have said you could lose it tomorrow and by starting with just general pest control this can always develop into something more.

    I do not have any guilt that I have lots of land to shoot over, some has come from word of mouth, some has come from knocking on doors. Shooting rights don't just land on your lap most of the time, you need to work for it.



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    Quote Originally Posted by liongeorge View Post
    Anything further than 5 or 10 miles and your not going to bother.
    I have one small bit about an hour 1/4 away , only make it up there a couple of times a year.
    Speak for yourself mate. I have nothing closer than an hour and I get out plenty! Even my closest decent fishing is a 45 minute run to the coast. Pre-dawn Saturday morning trips in July are tough, especially after a tough week commuting, but making the trip for winter does is easy by comparison...

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