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Thread: Aaaargh. Help wanted with LED Light

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    Aaaargh. Help wanted with LED Light

    I know theres been lots of stuff written about these, but when I try to make a decision on which one to purchase I get so confused. So you opinions would be welcome.

    What I need is:
    To shoot foxes out to 150m.
    Variable power to use as a search torch.
    Good scope mount.
    A means of not getting glare back from moderator.
    Batteries that don't give up in cold weather.
    Cheap as possible!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tiablo, with a Cluson mount, rechargable battery. Sorted. However not cheap.


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    Try these....Shop for Jetbeam LED torches in the UK. I use the RRT1 (300 mtrs range) with the dedicated gun mount GM01 (which fits a weaver rail) and the remote switch RM01. They may look expensive but the torch is brilliantly bright and has a fully adjustable output. It uses rechargeables (Cr123 or 18650's) and on full output lasts around 2 hours. Great service from Jetbeam uk.

    PS...The torch only weighs 7ozs.

    Hope it helps

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