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Thread: tree damage

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    tree damage

    anyone know whats doing this tree damage, there are fallow roe and muntjac in the area...

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    only seen that once before we think the roe took a liking to the rising sap.would be intersting if you could get a stealth cam set up

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    I think you would find a roe buck cleaning/ marking then tugging at the frayed ends while chewing them hence the height of the damage.About 20 yrs ago a friend who lived in a remote house actually watched it happening to his trees I think they were poplers.had to shoot a buck one day while he took the wife out for the day!.the damage stopped.

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    well we took these two off there last evening and there is a bigger clean buck there too so will have to see if there is any other damage and try getting some pics, there are three trees in a row done exactly the same and the smaller trees/bushes around them are snapped up too

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    That bottom buck is LOVELY!!!

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    we will keep at them untill it stops apollo.

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    he has one antler bigger than the other pkl. hes not as good as he looks in the photo.

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    (you can't eat the antlers....) ~Muir

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    If that was a deer, i've never seen anything like it or how cleanly to ground level it was stripped. I'm thinking human by the lack of ground level sign and the height stripped.

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    I would have thought that if it were deer there would be teeth marks, antler scores and dangling bark on the upper sections? It's quite large in diameter as well.

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