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Thread: How much do your rifles weigh ?

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    How much do your rifles weigh ?

    One consideration often taken into account when choosing a rifle is the weight of it.
    But once it's had all it's go faster bits added :- Scope, moderator, rings/rails, bipods.....
    How much does it then weight ?

    And how much of a difference does it make to positional shooting in say, Practical Rifle, Safari hunting or general stalking ?

    I'd be interested to know what other peoples rifle packages weight in at and weather it makes
    that much difference when out with the gun ?

    And what experiences people have found when out in field conditions ?

    Kind Regards


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    My .243 weighs in at 12.5lb which is, apparently, heavy but I have no problems carrying it a full day and I like how steady it is for the shot.
    My .22 set up is very light, sako quad, but then the recoil from it is negligible.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Im at both ends of the scale, my main stalking rifle is a Tikka t3 lite in 22/250, with bi pod ,mod and scope it is probably around 8lb easy to carry and shoot off sticks,at the other end of the scale i have a 6mmbr thats used for vermin and weighs 17lb,i use a rucksack type sling with this rifle, but is only ever carried to a vantage point....

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    30.06 8.5lbs all up with sling, scope and ammo.
    308 11.5lbs all up with bipod, scope and ammo
    .22 5.8lbs all up with scope, moderator and ammo.

    The 308 isn't too heavy to carry but too heavy to stalk through the thick stuff with, ie when the rifle is carried in both hands in front of you.

    The .22 is probably too light in that it demands springer air rifle like concentration to shoot accurately.

    The 30.06 is an extension of my right arm.

    Actually thinking about it, design of the rifle and balance in the hands is more important that weight per se.....

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    never thought to weigh them but can say old tikka got to be a bit much after a long day

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    Tikka T3 light with mod, scope, and sling weighs in at 8lb 6oz, the weatherby vanguard carbine 243 (when it arrives) should, with all the bits and pieces, weigh much the same as the Tikka, 22 savage RF, with all the bits, weighs in at 7lb 6oz.

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    My lightest CF is a Winchester Model 94 30-30 with a 16.5" barrel. About 5 pounds. My heaviest is probably my 25 Krag cast-bullet target rifle @ about 14 pounds. ~Muir

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    Both my Winchester Model 70's in .243 and .308 come in at exactly 12lb's all up. Never been a problem weight wise, I just like a heavier rifle.

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    Just weighed my .30-06 Winchester 670, and it tips the scales at 10lbs 2oz.

    My .308 Krico on the other hand is 7lbs 8 1/2oz.

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    Sako 75 .243 s/s and varberger 7x57 both just over 4.5kg's with mods, bipods and scopes.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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