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    New Permission

    My brother managed to get me permission on a golf course ( Vermin/Crow) up in the Forest of Dean, and i am hopeing to get some contacts for land for Stalking. Went there this morning to look around and and assess the safety aspect ( no probs ) , introduced myself to the grounds man and had quite a supprise he went balistic NO you cant shoot the Crows if they give you permission i`ll leave now. He went on about how good it was to here them talking to each other and how they mate for life. Well i didnt want to upset him anymore so legged it, had a word with the steward and asked him to let me know whats what. Have anyone else had broblems of this sort ? Its a good opertunity for me on the contacts side and i not sure what to do..



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    I have permission on a golf course where i can shoot everything except fox! The golfers like seeing them . I shoot only what I'm told to shoot!

    Atb steve

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    I have had a licence to shoot vermin (rabbits, fox, winged vermin and munties) on a local NT property for about 15 yrs its had 3 property managers and all have been good to get on with but it has just had a new one and boy is she a grade 1 so and so, x rspb she took 1 look at the returns from last year and wonted to know why we was shooting corvids and pidgeon and called a holt to everything until further notice, wonder how long it will be before she is wondering where the small bird population has gone.

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    Couple of golf courses here and shoot everything except foxes 'because they eats rabbits'
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    leaving foxes because they eat rabbits is something I have heard of before and TBH I think is a pretty good reason in some circumstances.

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