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Thread: Mentoring Follow up

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    Mentoring Follow up

    I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking what were the requirements to become a mentor and got many replies. I wrote to my issuing force Dorset and put forward my case. I have only had my FAC 2.5 years and dont have much land and to be honest I wasnt that hopeful. But I included in the letter alot of information about my character and examples of culls I have attended complete with risk assessments,maps and advice for all situations such as lost deer and safety matters etc. I am pleased to say Dorset have agreed to 'open' my ticket in order I can mentor my friend and the stalks I take him on will now count.

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    Rightly so. I fail to see how you can deem land safe, that's a decision that you have to make in a flash before you pull the trigger. The idea is a farce. Move to North Yorkshire or Scotland and get open from the start.

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