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Thread: New led lamps

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    New led lamps

    I have seen a few led lamps that are coming onto the market, does anyone know how they preform? I use a lightforce lance at I better sticking to this for the time being.

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    Quite a few open threads on this at the moment - and the usual variety of opinion!! I for one am a convert, especially when lamping alone. All about how you use it and what your expectations are. I think the LED I use is more than a match for the Tracer.

    E t R
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    Hi Eric

    Thanks for your reply. I too lamp alone using a safari sling (top bit of kit) and although the lance is ok it is a wee bit of hassle at times due to its size. Do you find that the led lamp you use can still pick a fox up at distance in order you can call it in? I hasten to add I wont be taking any shots at night over 200 yards...even that would be pushing it for me, better safe than sorry and in a world of hurt. Also what lamp do you have ?? I have seen ones that strobe too, apparently it confuses bunnies , though I would have to see to be convinced.

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    Just had a go with my mates new LED cluzon? It was perfect out to 100m ,ok out to 120m but after that it faded out and i wouldnt want to take a shot any further.Sorry cant remember excact model. I intend to stick with my old light and battery for the moment.I would expect the larger Led with the 2 batteries might be more powerful.

    Cheers Hummel

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    @Hummel - I imagine your friends is the Masterlite 'Supreme'.

    @Chickenman - I use an CREE XP-G LED torch - much better than the above. It has three modes (high medium and strobe). I'm comfy ID'ing at the same sorts of ranges as the Lance - I use a Striker when I don't use this, so I'm familiar with the capability. I too don't like shooting beyond the 200yd mark and I have squeaked in from further than that having picked up eyes and ID'd. I'll check with others who now have them so I have a consensus, but I know we've shot at 150-200 using this torch having called in.

    PM me with your location and I'll see if I can't sort out a demo. They are less than half the price of the Clulite Masterlite.
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    Ye recently got a dereelight xpg torch from flashaholics website,awesome bit of kit,cant beleive the performance for its size,adapted the mount from my shootalite using an old scope mount and will now use this when lamping alone,shot a fox mon night with it only about 70 yds away,but id be happy to shoot at 150yds plus,deffo worth checking out guys thats for sure. cheers


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    I've got the cluson Masterlite Supreme, it's the best foxing kit I have ever bought (after the Sako)!

    It can be fully on, or dimmed and I have a witnessed shot out to 203 paces in full dark, quarter moon. But that could be something to do with the scope

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    new led lamps

    i used to use a shooter light by cluson,but when scope mounted the light came back though the scope ,so i got a lightforce 140 ,but its a bit of a pain taking it off and the scope ,so cluson do a led lamp handheld lamp that you can shoot out past 200 mtrs ,may get one because it only 48 quid plus i would not run down my other battery down so easy and a good back up plus can leave the rifle on my shoulder and scout about with it ,atb steve

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    Agree with Eric, have a look on the Tiablo or Fenix web sites. There are better and cheaper LED torches than Cluson, however the Cluson mount is still the best money can buy.

    We been using LED's for some years and they are excellent. However still use a Lightforce for general searching, but a scope mounted LED is the way forward.

    Where are you based?


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    We've been selling a lot of the Clulite Master kits. The feedback from customers has been very good so far.
    Clulite Master Lite Supreme LED Gun Light Kit
    112.32 inc VAT.

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