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Thread: Nosler balistic tips

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    Nosler balistic tips

    Jus bought a couple of Nosler Balistic tips in 120 grain 6.5 for my Swede. Has anyone any advice on how they perform on Roe or Sika?



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    All my stalking is for sika and the best round i found in the 6.5 are the Norma 120 grain btips.

    The damage is not too severe, got very good exit holes and blood trails.


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    Thanks for that wicklow, I use mainly Pro hunters which are cracking on Roe and Munti, very accurate etc. I only got the Noslers as they were 21 or so a box which I thought was cheap, so worth a whirl for sure.


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    I use 120g in my 6.5
    I found them to be catastrophically effective on Roe, with a significant exit wound. Don't know about blood trails, already dead.
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    used a lot of 90 and 95 grain NBTs and silver tips, they are good but lots of damage when driving them at 3000fps perhaps less damage at 2800 or less.


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    Don't push them too fast, Nosler recommend a max of 3200fps. When pushed hard they sometimes behave like Varmint Grenades. I have stopped using them due to excessive meat damage, a 4 inch exit wound is possibly 3 inches too big. I heard this morning that a large stalking lease in the south of England had a clause written into it stating that no Ballistic Tips were to be used!!!

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    Thanks for the advice , I will keep them slow and see how they do, I was intending to stick with the pro-hunters for Roe and Munti as they work superb and if it aint broke dont fix it. Think I will keep the Noslers for bigger stuff.

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