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Thread: Anyone seen anything like this?

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    Anyone seen anything like this?

    I'm just butchering a little yearling Roe and I've found some small growths. Initially 4 just under the skin one near each haunch and shoulder. They are kidney shaped and also have smaller red balls with them. Cut them open and they do not produce puss or anything similar. I've also now found a couple around the groin area and now one in each haunch in between the muscles.

    The deer appeared fine when watching before the shot and the gralloch did not flag anything up, all internals and glands appeared normal. It did have a fairly heavy number of ticks and lice on it.

    My initial thought was that it was nothing to be overly concerned about and to cut everything cucpect away, but now I'm not so sure.

    Any advice gratefully received, cheers.

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    They look like normal lymph nodes to me. The lymphatic system stretches around the whole body so you'll find lymph nodes in places other than the main ones we are trained to inspect. The ones in the haunches are definitely always there, looks like you've found a few others. From the photos alone they look normal and healthy to me to be honest.


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    Cheers Alex. I'm happy with that, excellent having this site to put my mind at ease in a few clicks!

    Looks like I'll happily be tucking into some roe steaks for dinner!!!

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    Hi Scott,

    Alex is right about the distribution of lymph nodes and I'm guessing you've got a prefemoral (front of thigh), popliteal (behind knee and just above joint) and prescapular (front of shoulder). Good idea using the coin for scale -they look normal.

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