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Thread: What do you think ?

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    What do you think ?

    Shot this Roe buck a year ago and was the first one to come out of my wood so its a bit specialto me.
    It has been in the freezer until mudman took it acouple of week's ago to clean, i never considered it for a medal Untill compared it with a head i shot in the lothians that i was told was just under the weight for bronze with long cut

    Mudman brought it over today, i asked him to do a short cut because i think they look better and i think he has made a cracking job of it and also munty buck .
    It looks phiscally bigger than the one i shot up in the lothians a lot thicker and more pearling it weighs just over 380 g with the short cut do you think it would make a medal ? DF

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    I've never had any of mine measured but it does look like it will come close to being a medal looking at the thickness of the corenets !!!

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    I have a silver that weighs in at 450 grams. General rule of thumb I have been told is 400 gram plus is usually a medal.

    It is not to rule out other factors though.



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