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Thread: Elmia Game Fair

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    Elmia Game Fair

    The Elmia Game Fair is on the 2nd to 4th june. Said to be the biggest game fair in Scandinavia. The Game Fair is held in Jönköping only a couple of Km from the Huskvarna museum with its collection of weapons that they have made through the years.
    There will be weapons and scopes on display from all the major manufacturers ,plus loads of other stuff to drool over. Not a vegi burger or knit your own sheep stand to be seen.

    Easyjet fly from Gatwick to Göteborg=Gothenberg for a little over 60 quid.
    May even be able to put a couple of bods if any one is interested.

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    Sounds great, if I wasn't so busy I'd be going. The Husqi museum I imagine would be worth it alone..

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    Elmia is on my to do list one of these years, it's got to be better than the Villmarksmesse that we have in Norway. Unfortunately that weekend is already booked for a konstgryt samling with some border mates!
    ATB Toby

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    Border, You will have to wait till 2013 for the next Elmia. Just give me a ring if you want to go then.

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