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Thread: Landrover Freelander diesel........................... pros? .................. cons?

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    Landrover Freelander diesel........................... pros? .................. cons?

    OK we might have to think about changing the old Cherokee. It's certainly not good on fuel being a 4.0L petrol and the rear Ltd slip diff is making more nosies due to a previous owner not adding the correct additive for the clutches after a re-build.

    So with MOT due in 2 months we had better start considering the options.

    What ever we get must be able to do normal car stuff and be comfortable for the two OAP's so normal landies are out. They also cost far too much.

    A neighbour has a diesel Freelander which might suit our needs we do about 7-9k per year so not heavy usage, tow the small mower trailer and box trailer on occasion and it does as my shoot transport when needed and copes with the non treated roads around here in winter.

    We are restricted to budget which causes problems to we are looking at about 98-2001 vintage ones.

    As I know little to nowt about them apart from the head gasket problems that the petrols ones suffered, having picked up a few whilst driving a 6.4T slide and tilt for Dorking Autos (M23/M25) some years back and info or advice appreciated.

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    hi brithunter

    the older freelander or freelander 1 if you like doesnt have a good rep im afraid

    i know there are always people whi had a bad experince with a particular motor but these freelanders were renowned for their problems

    i nearly bought one i liked them but was put off by personally knowing 12 people who had them and ALL had problems

    stay away from the petrol ones the blew cylinder head gaskets
    the gearboxes on both diesel and petrol were also known to go and when they went they usually went in style!! bang!

    and i believe they also known for their viscous coupling going and electrical faults too........

    all previous owners i spoke to said you soon get to be on 1st name terms with your local garage mechanic if you have one.

    i ended up going for a suzuki grand vitara
    2 wheel drive
    4 wheel drive when you need it and they have a hi / lo gear ratio too and i can sing nowt but praise for suzuki 4 wheel drive

    i believe the newer freelander 2 is nothing but the opposite of its predecessor and great reviews...out of my budget just now tho too

    sauer / paul

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    This was discussed a little while back

    hope that link works but you will get the general feel for the thing

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    Hi Kevin
    I have had my Grand Vitara for 9 yrs now, nothing ever gone wrong and i have abused it really, has only been serviced about 4 times and has gone through the mot every time would reccommend it to anyone.Hope everything gets back to normal soon.

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    Cheers for that the link are for ones way out of our price range.......................... we will have to be below 2000 as a budget well below actually. So will look at the Vitaras.

    Edit:- ........

    Hmmm not sure they have the leg room in the back....... will have to try and look at one and see. otherwise the Grand Vitara could be the thing. The normal Vitara is too cramped in the boot have to allow for the dog and wheelchair.
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    Mate IMHO with a freelander your paying for a 4x4 which hasnt got the capability of one. I use to have a pajero for shooting and a focus st for work, but couldnt justify both lots of tax, insurance etc etc... so i just bought an Xtrail and even though it will never be as good as the pajero its both good on fuel and as yet, not through lack of trying she hasnt got stuck yet...! I went up to my parents at christmas which is a 600 mile round trip and with me the misses the three kids, presents and dogs and it wasnt too bad as the boots are masive.
    I only paid 3k for mine on a 53 plate so im sure with a bit of looking you will get one for your money.

    Good luck


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    The freelander is not a bad motor, I had 2 of the early ones new, the first one was a bud un and the engine blew just after I sold it with 10K on the clock the second one was fine with 30k on the clock when I got rid. Off road I though they were fine the biggest problem being ground clearance compared with a defender or disco. I never wanted to go any where that I couldn't with it. I am sure with some M&S tyres it would be even more credable off road.

    I also had an old vitara and it was preped for trials competitions and it was fantastic off road better than a defender IMHO.


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    Have you considered an Honda CRV Brit ? reasonable running costs, reliable, i get 2 labs and bits n bobs in the back easily and should suit your 4wd needs.

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    Lee 308,

    No I had not. Lost interest in vehicles except to move me and my stuff about soem years back so only look what's about when it comes time to change which is not often. We have had the Cherokee 5 years nearly, I had the BX Citroen estate for 8 years only needed a replacement due to nice white van man who give ways lines don't apply to wrote it off. Had a Mk1 BX Hatch back fr 3 years before that, nice builder chappie wrote that one doing a U-turn and took the drivers door post out of the sill along with both offside doors . So i tend to keep vehicles for a while......................................... if I can.

    It's the wheelchair plus dog which take up room, sometimes we have three dogs with us, not that often though. I will look at the Honda had a chat with the mechanic chappie today and he sort gave the nod to the X-Trail with a definate thunbs down to any petrol Freelander and was cautiously non commital on the diesel ones. The Grand Vitara's seem to be a bit juicy for what they are. With 225 75R15 General GS60's on the Jeep I can get 26 MPG towing a loaded car trailer, the figures for the Grand Vitara arw a bit better but not much, so the research and head scratching and brain numbing considerations continue .

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    Have a look for a Disco 1 with a 300tdi or a later td5 for a bit more money, a disco 1 shouldn't be too far off the same money as the freelander and a damn sight better.
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