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Thread: deer licks

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    deer licks

    Is there any recipies out there for getting deer into specific areas. I am limited to where I can shoot, so would like them in a safe area ith good all round visibility, however despite this they do not want to play

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    Try to locate an old tree stump or fallen tree in a suitable area, you could always drag one there if required!! get a couple of 25 kilo bags of salt add water and cover the stump/log repeat until used (you can add some molasses in if you want) get some concentrated aniseed and spray a few drops close to a well used track and draw them in to the lick add some of the aniseed to the lick area and give them time to get used to it. I never shoot them on the lick prefer to take them on the way in or going away.
    Hope that helps as it works for me. Remember to add more salt every now and then.

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    I've been using 10kg salt blocks from bushwear and they go down a treat. Try a bit of kibbled maize on top aswell.

    BushWear: Anis 10kg Salt Block

    Hope this helps.


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    try how to attract deer

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