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    I got my first buck of the season on the 4th April and it was still in velvet, then on the 14th I had a walk around and was watching a buck still in full velvet. Relating to this what is the latest you have found a buck (not yearling) in velvet, and at what point before the velvet is shed do the antlers stop growing?

    The buck I shot (in Norfolk) was not large and had one antler that was straight, 14 cm long and would have been dangerous to other bucks. The other antler was deformed and J shaped but they were still soft and flexible so I presume were still growing. The buck I was watching (in Yorkshire) was of a good size in the body but didn't have a head that was anything special that I could make out so could this sill be growing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have seen small bucks still holding a it of velvet in early june mate.

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