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Thread: MTC Viper 6-24 x 56

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    MTC Viper 6-24 x 56

    Iv'e fancied the MTC Viper scope and wondered if it would be o.k on a 22/250 o'r .243 ? Thank's..

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    MTC's are rated for all calibres of gun (MTC website confirms this). Reviews suggest they are good glass for the price bracket, and I'd go with that - why not?
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    I have one of these on my 243 and have no complaints. it is well priced and has held its zero for a couple of years and 4-600 shots.

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    I bought the MTC mamba 4-16X50 to put on my 223 but have held back to try it on 243 when it arrives, I must admit to having doubts about it but after reading diverdaves reply am prepared to give it a whirl, the mamba has the varmint (christmas tree) reticle, I do like mildots....... if it doesn't work out it I'll most likely go for S&B with A7-8 reticle.

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    My mate has 1 of there taipan's on his 22-250 and its never lost zero in the last 8 months hope this helps.

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    I had a Taipan which changed poi when I changed focus from 24 to say 16. Mtc changed it without any quibble. I also found it tended to white out at high mag. I changed it for a 3-12 viper which I still find whites out at 11/12 mag. Maybe it is me or maybe it is the scope, I don't know. But I don't think I would buy another. But I do love the christmas tree reticle. And it works really well with night vision
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