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Thread: Steel Shot

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    Steel Shot

    I have joined a new Game syndicate for the coming season, apart from the normal drives there are one or two duck ponds and for these you must use steel shot.

    my gun is an aya sidelock built before steel proofing came in, i know it is ok to use steel shot providing the chokes are not tight but i am more concerned about barrel wear.
    I see that gamsbore have a bio-wad system simular to a plaswad which is supposed to protect the barrels and stop the steel shot coming into contact with them.

    has any member used these steel bio-wad cartridges in an old game gun, if so were the barrels ok, and were did you buy them, i have a box of bismuth but at over a pound a go i cant bring myself to use them.

    Cheers Geoff

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    Geoff why not buy a cheap 3" magnum SxS to use the steel in?


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    hi brian

    that could be one option and i have an old yeoman that i could use, but i am just begining to bond with this aya, its a model 53, i have had the stock cast and dropped to suit, so i would like to be able to use it. but i could always take both.


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    Forget about steel shot - it just causes lots of wounded birds. Go for bismuth or one of the tungsten matrix that are safe to use in older guns. My take, is ok they are more expensive but still only a small part ofcthe total cost and how shots do you fire in a duck flight?

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    Hi Heym sr20 thanks for your input, i do use bismuth for flighting ducks, but these are driven, the shoot has two big duck days and it would work out very expensive to use bismuth, i have just emailed gamebore to see what they have to say.

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    Steel will be fine in your gun. I have used very hot home steel loads in a AYA yeoman WITHOUT any scoring. Steel commercial loads are a bit anaemic. I would use the biggest loads you can.

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    You could try caling Ian at Clay and Game in lincolnshire? I have spoke to him in the past regarding unusual loads for an old side by side. He was very helpful and I think he knows alot about steel shot too.

    I have also heard the line that some modern wads stop the shot touching the side of the barrells, I'm not sure if this has been validated though? These might be obvious points, but check the underside of your barrell chambers for the maximum proofed load, probably in ounces (of lead) and it might be prudent to stick well below this. Also choose a larger shot size than lead when shooting with steel.

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    I have been shooting driven ducks with steel shot for 8 years.
    I use Rio 32 gram 4's they kill ducks out to 40 yds no problem at all.
    BUT you do need a dog now and then but that could be my shooting

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    Hi Sikadog thanks for your input, the problem is we must use steel shot,and we cannot use plastic wads, so the only option is bismuth or the likes which is very expensive. gamebore make a cartridge for 2.3/4 chambered guns using the bio-wad called silver steel upland game but they only sell them in the usa,
    cheers geoff

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    Expensive to replace your gun and it isn't proven for steel it may be damaged quit rapidly. Biismuth is expensive but effective. You may want to check the bag details and see if you can get away with a box of bismuth a season; I do.
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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