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Thread: Gary Cane stocks

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    Gary Cane stocks

    Has anyone used Gary Cane for custom rifle stock work? He advertises custom laminated stocks amongst other stock work.
    I am looking for positive or negative reviews/
    Many thanks

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    Id be interested in this also..

    Especially if he does a thumbhole for a Steyre pro hunter..

    Ive found a couple of people doing stocks but theyre a lot of money..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Ive seen quite a few stocks made by Gary - ost being air rifle stocks but some centerfires too.

    His work is excellent, truly excellent.

    I built a rifle a while ago on a BAT SV, the owner has commissioned Gary to make a stock for it - I think the blank price was circa 650 with a similar figure to produce finished article.

    Not cheap, but if your investing serious money in a custom rifle and want a "one off", then why compromise.

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    hes good if you can drag him away from airguns , if you cant you may have a very long wait

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