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Thread: Public Forest Estate in England

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    Public Forest Estate in England

    I recently sent an email to the local fc office in somerset, to be told at present they do not lease any land, but at the national office in Bristol they are reviewing deer management and expect to undertake more deer management in the future using private individuals using contract permissions or lease and that it will be advertised.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had simialr responses

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    Yes I had a similar response in Yorkshire when I made enquiries from the FC in Pickering - apparently this is part of a national programme which presumably got the slow down when the Govt. backtracked on selling of the FC estate in England. Judging by the comments it was not a local issue but a national one.
    Sales are more likely to be in terms of large blocks rather than small bits and stalking might not be an FC issue but the new owners may have views?

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    It is public land and if you want to stalk on some of it then ask about a certain area ask how much it is costing the public at this moment and make sure you also send a copy of your email to your MP. It ight be time for change moneys tight everywere.

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