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Thread: Rebarreling options for T3 in 6.5x55

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    Rebarreling options for T3 in 6.5x55

    I have the 6.5 for about 4 years now and I'm very happy with it. Lite stainless version.

    I wouldn't mind having something a bit more flexible especially if I was to do a bit of traveling - so 30-06 seems like a versatile option.
    Is it possible?
    Can I use the same mags?
    Apart from the barrel what other work on it would be required?
    What would be the cost roughly?

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    Current re-barrel prices are in the region of 600. You would need a new magazine circa 50. If your rifle still shoots I wouldn't bother, you can pick up a great second hand 30-06 for that price.

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    I was thinking of going that route but I'd say another T3 lite would cost €900 minimum here in Ireland.
    I don't want second hand - I'd never be comfortable with it.
    I could put the saving towards a new stock. Now I know I could sell the 6.5 but it could be on the shelf a long time before selling - been there before.

    I have done a bit of reading and I'm mainly looking for confirmation on the mags and is the job possible -
    From what I can gather the mags are the same for 6.5x55 and 30-06 - as is the action size but would the bolt need work for example?
    Sako Tikka Replacement Magazines for example are selling the same mag for both - are they definitely wrong would you say?

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    It is certainly possible. I was quoted 800 last week to put a new barrel on a Sako, get it threaded proofed etc. This is by a guy whose work I know will be 100%.

    I really don't think it is worth rebarreling it. Trade it in for a 30/06 if that is what you want.

    A 6.5x55 can be made a lot more flexible if you hand load for it, load 120gr BT's at over 3000fps for 270 performance, big old 156gr or 160gr bullets will penetrate nearly anything. I would think the bext option for a 6.5 in Ireland is 129gr Hornady's or 130gr Accubond's.

    I would agree though, if you plan to hunt abroad, a 30/06 is the answer.

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    You might have bolt face issues going from 6.5 to 30-06 on a rebarrel.

    Pretty sure 6.5 bolt face is not standard like .308 or 30-06 for example, might be worth checking.


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    IMO you should do it. You would end up with a semi custom rifle in a calibre you want. It might not be much cheaper than a new T3, but you'd end up with one hell of shooter (not that new T3s aren't) with a very high grade barrel. Action length is the same, and although 6.5x55 heads are slightly (7 thou') bigger than 30-06 heads bolt faces are almost always the same - that 7 thou is taken up as slack. I read around it a lot and almost all manufacturers use the same bolt face. The extractor may or may not need changing though - not a big deal.

    Couldn't tell you about the mag - you'd have to speak to Tikka or get someone with a 30-06, 270 or any 06 based cartridge (or any *x62,*x63,*x64) to measure their T3 magazine.

    If I had a rifle I liked in a calibre I didn't I'd get it rebarreled before trying to trade it in.
    "A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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    You'll loose a few hundred changing a 6.5 for a new 30-06 especially since the 6.5 isn't that popular
    anymore in Ireland. That loss might be half of what a custom barrel would cost.
    Talk to Fergal White in Athlone who just recently rebarrelled a T3 with a true flight barrel.
    I have one custom match barrel on a rifle and can only recomend the step.

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    There are no real world problems with rebarrelling a 6,5x55 bolt face to the .473" bolt faced family - the slightly larger case head of the "55" is no issue as nost rifles with .473" bf have tolerances that would accept the larger "55" case head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    There are no real world problems with rebarrelling a 6,5x55 bolt face to the .473" bolt faced family - the slightly larger case head of the "55" is no issue as nost rifles with .473" bf have tolerances that would accept the larger "55" case head.
    This is what I like about SD, always someone in the know to put you right.

    Nice one RD!


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