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Thread: Hi All

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    Hi All

    Morning Ladies and Gents,

    I live in a sunny Surrey and have been picking up on driven shoots for 5 years now and gradually have become more involved in the shooting side myself, i prefer rifle to shotgun and have recently started stalking.

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    Welcome on board Fireman Sam!

    I'm up in Putney, not a million miles away from you so "Howdy Neighbour"!

    The forum is very welcoming and a mine of information.



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    Hi Sam
    Welcome aboard,
    Did you an NV in the end?
    There's a few HWV owners on here as well.


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    Hi Croc,
    Hav'nt decided on the NV yet, i need to sort out a practical session with some (which should be soon)
    Glad to hear there are some HWV owners on here i have would like to do some tracking training with my dogs but as yet hav'nt managed to find a class/course for it so if anyone here knows of such an event please let me know details

    You have me at a disadvantage how do you know so much? jungle drums?

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    Sam try SC forum

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