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Thread: Vital Training

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    Vital Training

    Further to earlier posts on DSC and training, I post to share a recent experience and ask for some help. I expect some criticism, but I think this is an experience that can be of help so I offer myself for execution in the name of the public good.

    It is easy to do and pass DSC1 in my humble opinion.

    Shoot dear, gralloch, whack it down the dealers or into your new big fridge. Deal done, easy. Oh no no no.

    I really struggled with my first gralloch. I opened up the carcass after removing genitals etc. but then it went wrong, not badly but things were much harder than anticipated. I had nowhere to hang the beast, despite being prepared with butchers hooks and baling twine. Cutting an animal on the floor is hard because it rolls about, despite trying to wedge the antlers in the ground. I managed to release the pluck from the cavity, but not actually cut it out and away so to speak. Despite wrestling carefully, I decided to quit and call my mate, a qualified butcher, who was on standby with big fridge and knives at the ready. One car journey later, the job is done and said beast is in the freezer and head is in the boiling pot. Please note I will only stalk when my mate is on standby to step in if need be.

    Has anyone else struggled and made these mistakes safely in a "controlled" situation???? What I desperately want is carcass handling experience. Watching the pros on DSC is amazing, but watching and actually doing are poles apart IMHO. There is much to be said for education and hands on exp. Thanks in advance for any positive critique.....ATB

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    No one should shoot you down on this thread for being honest.

    Where abouts are you based in the country? I am sure one of the site members would be only too pleased to help you, and show you the way for free. If not please get back to Admin via PM and we will try and find a way of helping you or if I can and you are near to me I will gladly show you how it is done and help you as much as I can.

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    Thats kind thankyou. I am in Surrey, near Guildford.

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    They do make it look easy. But you are gutting a large mammal, and that is always going to be hard.

    The ones I have seen where they do it on the ground do seem a lot harder, and the ones hung up on trees easier.

    The one I saw on the ground the guy was in up to his elbows pulling the rumen out. There was a lot of 'feel for xyz and separate it from abc..'.

    I don't envy your experience, and never having done it yet myself, not looking forward to it in the dark and rain a mile from anywhere.

    Based on your experience I am now going identify a place to hang the possible beast before I sit down to wait.

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    Try boiling the head out next!! Im having a right laugh on the stove as I post. NOT!!!

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    It is all about repitition. The more you do it ther better you become. I have had a few bullets rattle around inside a deer and a few misplaced shots in my time also.

    Take your time. Gut hook knife might help? this allows you to work from the chest down to the anus.

    i have found the bigger the beast the easier it is.


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    I go along with dieseldan - this really is one of those tasks where "practice makes perfect" (or in my case, "practice makes not quite so imperfect"). It also helps if you can watch someone more experienced go through the gralloch in real life - you would be amazed how much you can edit on a DVD/video - as they can teach you the tricks of the trade.

    Regarding boiling out the head, if you're only going for a short/long skull mount, I used to go in the sequence skin/boil/cut/clean, until someone pointed out that it's a darn sight quicker and easier to go for skin/cut/boil/clean. I could have cried thinking about the amount of time I'd wasted before! The only time I'd change the sequence now is if it was a potential medal head on a roe, as 'volume' is a key factor in the CIC measurements.


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    The BDS Gralloching and Lardering DVD is very good:

    But as others have said...practice makes perfect. For ages I kept finding hithertoo unrecognised parts of deer anatomy! Eventually it all fits together!

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    I am in mid Sussex, Midhurst area.... I'd be pleased to help for free, if it is of any interest.

    PM me if interested.


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