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Thread: Zeiss Rapid-Z reticles

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    Zeiss Rapid-Z reticles

    Anyone use a Zeiss with a Rapid-Z reticle? if so, what are they like, and how accurate would you say they are for say, foxing to 300 yds? advantages/disadvantages?


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    also interested in first hand experience as i just bought two today
    atb paul
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    I use the Zeiss 3-12x56 Z 5 on my .308 and .300 WM.

    I did a drop test from 100 meters to 300 meters and made a note of the POI on the scopes. I can remember the holdover in CMs off hand but cant for the aimpoints on the reticle. I have them written down! They are great scopes and would have no hesitation in buying another one.

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    They are excellent in my experience provided you are careful about the data inputs. That said, out to 300yds, particularly in a 'fox' calibre, I wouldn't bother. With a 180 -200yd zero the required hold-over for 300yds is easy to estimate using the body of the animal. The Rapid Z reticules only really come into their own when you get out beyond these distances.

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    I have a Z7 ill inside a 6-24X56 sat on my 22250.
    with 50gr bullets it is very good and have shot fox out to 369m's using the holdover ret. It has to be set on about X22 to match the trajectory.
    It also has wind increments on it.
    My only critism is on a night if lit up it is "to busy" and I would prefer just a dot in the middle of the ladder. That said its fine switched off in the lamp.

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