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Thread: Resizing .243 to .260

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    Resizing .243 to .260


    I'd like to try resizing some .243 to .260.
    My dies are redding and unfortunately the expander ball is not tapered and has a knurled grip on it that chews the .243 necks.

    Some of the US recommend using a Lee Collet die for the job - does anybody know if these have a tapered mandrel in them?

    P.S. I don't have this issue with .308 down to .260 - I made up a dummy round and it chambers but is tight. Not due to length but to neck thickness.

    Is this safe to use?

    I don't have a neck turning kit and they are a 100. all I want is to try some different brass...

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    I used to resize Lapua .243 to .260 in one go using a Redding .260 FL die, and the necks were turned afterwards. I switched to Nosler Custom brass 18 months ago, and haven't looked back since. I am sure that some will chime in with "cost", "Remington is great" etc etc etc , but in my experience the Nosler brass was perfect from the word GO. It is largely responsible for achieving 5fps extreme spread with the loads that I am using, and that matches exactly what the Nosler #6 book gives for 120NBT out of a 22" barrel 1:9 twist. 2895 fps mean MV. Whats not to like with .3MOA accuracy on the days when I do my bit properly?

    I would hazard a guess that the new Lapua .260 brass will give the same results, IF you can find any in UK

    Incidentally, my experience with both Remington and Winchester brass in other calibres was woeful (7-08 and 7x57) .... having to cull 13% of new brass at the start doesn't equate to inexpensive brass....... or does it ?

    All a bit academic for a deer round I know, but ..... if the rifle will do it, then I like to achieve the best possible within my own limitations.



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    I have used both the Lee collet dies and RCBS dies to resize Lapua and Norma 243 brass into 260rem. The Lee did work but I didn't like it, I think you need to use a Lee press with the dies. Anyway, the RCBS works well with no need to turn the necks. I gave the Lee dies to someone here, don't remember who.

    All that said, I will be buying Lapua 260rem brass once I get my hands on some.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have surplus fired 260 Rem Remington brass ready to load and just fired. How many cases do you need? PM me some contact details if you want to discuss this further this evening?

    Thanks JCS

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    Thanks for the response, and the offer of brass!

    I've taken a bit of material off the knurled part of the expander assembly (not the expander) and I can do .243's without shredding them.

    Sized one (inc FL), trimmed to length and made up a dummy - again the bolt closes but it is still tight.

    Do you guys think this is an issue?

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    If it is fired .243 brass..... there may be a headspace issue as .243 brass is notorious for 'growing', you may have to bump the shoulders back to alleviate the tight chambering. Just a thought as I have experienced this with .243 brass in the past when neck sizing. I only FL resize everything these days, but I am NOT an expert in these matters. IMHO, it is an issue that needs to be sorted.

    Do you know, have you measured your actual chamber length as opposed to using the 'Book Value' for maximum case length , the dimensions may not be the same.



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    If your expander ball is still not right you can buy a redding tapered sizing button for redding dies.
    13.95 dollars from Top Rated Supplier of Firearm Reloading Equipment, Supplies, and Tools - Sinclair Intl

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    sinclair do a specific expander die which you change the expander mandrel to what ever size you need - very useful bit of kit

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    Thanks, I don't know the specific measurements of the chamber.

    To be clear I would FL size it anyway as the .243 would have been fired in another chamber, obviously.

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    You don't need to know the chamber measurements. You just pass the brass through the expander die with the .26 mandrel fitted (or get the .25 and .26 mandrels and do it in 2 passes).
    SINCLAIR INTERNATIONAL : Sinclair Generation II Expander Dies -

    SINCLAIR INTERNATIONAL : Sinclair Expander Mandrel - oversized -

    Then when you FL resize, remove the expander ball...

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