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Thread: Remington .300 Win Mag 700 CDL

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    Remington .300 Win Mag 700 CDL


    I have for sale my Remington 700 CDL Classic Wood stock rifle.

    Calibre is .300 Win Mag.

    The condition is very good. With just a couple of minor marks on the trigger guard and one faint line of the stock.

    It has had very little use about 40 rounds with myself and about 100 before I understand. Selling as now I have just purchased a Blaser, will look to buy a .300 barrel or similar in the autumn.

    I will put pictures up asap but if interested PM me with email and will forward.

    It will also come with a Black Over-Barrel PEZ Moderator.

    I am after 650 for the Rifle + Mod ono.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Price Reduction having done some research.


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    Guys I can vouch for Alex as I have Known him for some time now, very genuine guy and have seen this rifle in action, all in all a good rifle at a good price. New owner will be pleased.

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