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Thread: Sand coloured Fallow

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    Sand coloured Fallow

    I was out walking with the binos in an area where I know there is a herd of fallow on Friday and came across, which was to me, a really strange sight. I watched a herd of fallow does for a few minutes and as the wind changed and they moved on, I saw that one in the herd was sand coloured, the colour of a Golden Labrador. I followed them for about half an hour, seeing this sand coloured animal again quite clearly a number of times.

    I have watched fallow in this area on many occasions over the last year or so and never seen this animal. It looked slightly smaller than the rest and not as sure of foot, but it not as small as I would expect a new born fawn to be. It also acted younger in that it would scratch and graze while the rest of the herd was watching me. And fallow should only be giving birth now, shouldn't they? Interestingly, it seemed to bury itself deeper in cover than the rest of the animals, almost as if it was conscious that it stood out. Perhaps it was a year old.

    I tried to see if it was male or female but could see no sign of a penis brush, but I don't know at what age this becomes apparent.

    Any of you seen anything like this? Will it stay this colour or will it change as it gets older?

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    I have seen at least two of this colour on or near my ground in West Sussex. The first time was the year before last, when on several occassions I saw a calf of the same colour with its mother. I put a ban on anyone taking the beast as it is an unusal colour.
    This winter I saw a similar yearling just off my ground, although again as it was with a group of Fallow it was difficult to make out the sex as they were on the move through a grove of birch trees, quite possibly the same animal.

    I have to say there is a very wide range of colours within the herd in my area, with all 4 main colour phases and a few inbetweens as well. If it is a Buck it will make a stunning animal when and if attains master status.



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    Have seen these and was told by a more experienced stalker they are young which will turn white ..

    Atb Steve

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