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Thread: Feel like I've been Robbed!

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    Feel like I've been Robbed!

    Got to tell you all what happened to me on Sunday.......

    I am relatively new to this game, and in 18 months I have only managed to pick up one permission which to be honest if I invited some of you around for a stalk you would laugh because the shootable area is literally one large field!

    Anyway after a 45 minute drive at 4.30am I arrive to look for my first buck. I spotted a couple of does in the middle of my field in the fog so i stalk around them to see if the bucks are close behind. Sure enough 2 bucks became visible as I got closer so going into full stalking mode i get thing I hear a crack and a buck hits the deck! Then I spot three people against the hedge, looks like a stalker with clients.

    Anyway after speaking to the guy it turns out that he has the stalking on most of the adjacent farms and also knows my friend who is the owner of the field!! Obviously I saw nothing else that morning..its not like I could try another area, and there is no point in me going around to ask cos its all sewn up by the guy!

    So I have just one field to stalk on and I still have to share it!!

    I am seriously thinking of taking up fishing instead! I didnt catch his name but if you are out there and you fancy sharing a couple of your fields then pm me..or do you have any fishing gear for sale??

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    Lifes a bitch might be worth talking to him and i would ask my Farmer if he wa allowed to shoot the same deer as you. There could be a safty issue.

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    I wouldn't take his word for it.... just because he claims to know your friend doesn't mean he has permission to shoot deer on his land. Are you sure he wasn't shooting over the boundary onto your ground?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Always make sure you have a written agreement to stalk. I would also insist you know who else has permission.
    The possibility of someone else doing something dangerous and unsafe and you getting the blame is not worth the hassle.

    Keep at it and remember "patience is a virtue" as i have learned over many years at the fishing before i got my first stalking permission. Stalking is like catching your first Salmon on your very own tied fly, sometimes it takes a while but the end result is well worth it.


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    Mate, thats pants.. ive been there myself, not with deer luckily but other shooting.. theres nothing worse! at best its gutting that what you thought was yours is not and at worst, that could have been a serious accident. If the farmer has given you permission then i would be going to air my concerns regarding safety. Either theres a booking in/out system which could be a simple text between you and the other guy or going through the farmer OR one of you have to go. If its literally one big field then you could try explaining yourself to the other stalker and see if he will help you out, i mean we have all been there.

    To be honest, if the situation didnt change, i would be moving on. Its frustrating, dangerous and a waste of everyones time.

    PS: Ive got a load of top notch beach fishing gear i dont need!!

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    Can sell you my boat and trailer ready to go for the right price or a digisight

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    what a bitch some folks are just born lucky others just aint my boss went fishing last week with his mate they were trolling out the back and got a fish on ,his mate was playing it whilst boss man had oars in hand .the other rod went bang another fish on! it being a hardy rod went over the side and into the drink like a submarine thats unlucky ! they were both very pis**d off and carried on fishing after about an hour boss hit another fish but on playing it discovered it was his mates line complete with rod and fish all 3lb of rainbow ,nows thats lucky especially as it was grafham water which is huge .
    so you never know whats round the corner keep trying good luck favors the brave !

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    i have to share my ground with other stalkers but we never meet as i always check with the land owner and the other guy does the same. although i would like to meet the other guy stalking as he told the land owner that he would never hear him shoot. which springs the question exactly what rifle is he using. apparently he recently shot a roe doe from a high seat got down to look at it then noticed another in the orchard so had that one too. and all in a 300 yard area from the seat. either hes really lucky in which case i want his lottery numbers or something fishy is going on. but thats another story.

    good luck with finding more land and defineatly talk to the land owner.

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    Safety is definately my concern, that morning it was very foggy and you couldnt see the opposite hedgeline through the binos. Spoke to the landowner and without going into detail things arent adding up. If he is the neighbouring stalker then its best to be a friend than a foe, turn a negative into a positive and all that! Thing is the landowner has no name or contact number either???
    Are you out there ????

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    Ive had similar discussions on some of my permissions. Ive stressed that as a land owner, you have a duty of care to people on there, how can you let someone who you dont know their name or have means of contact go shooting with any gun on your land! Its beyond me. It needs pointing out to the landowner about recent and old stories of people getting shot and that it should be on his shoulders if someone was to get injured. Why is the farmer letting more than one person control the deer or any other vermin anyways? It sounds very similar to problems ive had in the past. Its also worth mentioning that 'management' of any type needs a controlled view. How can anyone get a true picture of numbers etc if you dont know what others have shot? Farmers are better off having a core of dedicated people (you!) to do an effective job with whatever quarry your after and actually by letting many people on is detrimental to controlling vermin and deer.

    Some farmers think the more people shooting, the faster their problems will go away. Im speaking only from my personal experiences.

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