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Thread: 6mm ppc

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    6mm ppc

    I'm thinking about getting a 6mm ppc rifle anybody got any (helpful) advice or warnings

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    Hi Dully, no first hand experience, but i know the calibre is renound for its accuracy out to 500,not really heard of them being used as a stalking rifle,but a long range varminter... try the UKV site

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    The factory 6PPC's have 1 in 14" twist barrels limits the bullets to 70-75 gr at the top end, if you want to shoot heavier bullets you need to go to a custom
    barrel, I prefer the 6mmBR shoots the heavy bullets brilliantly and handles the light weight ones pretty good, my varmint rifle is built on a Ruger No1 and will shoot bullets from 70 to 105 gr into about .5 moa the barrel has a 1in8" twist,
    I don't think there are any factory rifles available at present you may have to have one built.

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    Check the velocities as with normal (sane) barrel lengths it's not possible to achieve deer legal velocities I believe

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    thanks ,
    something to look into

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    thanks for the info

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    running a 6mm br with 105 gr heads and it has a 22" barrel, no issues with my roe and munty.

    heres a wee bit of info from the 6mm br web site.

    Final Thoughts on Using the 6BR for Hunting
    Having been a 6mm BR Norma fan for long, I have to say I love this website. But I think I may be the only German actually using this caliber for game-hunting (it's quite common for match shooting however). With bullet weights up to 85gr, my Sako 6BR can beat the .243 Winchesters, providing better accuracy while burning much less powder. But I will admit, for the heavier bullets, the .243 packs more punch, which can be essential when hunting larger game.

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    1:12 twist will stabilise up to 90gr easily, The factory sakos are 12 twist. I've run one for a decade with a 22 3/4 inch barrel. Roe, Fallow, Red, Muntjac, plus vermin with no problems.

    The 87gr Hornady BTHP is an excellent all round bullet for the case. You can get deer legal velocities easily with careful reloading. The 6ppc USA case is about 2 grains behind the .220 russian brass that most ppc users use. The extra capcity helps a lot.

    The big plus with the cartridge is that it moderates very well indeed and has practically no recoil in a moderate weight rifle.

    Hope that helps.

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    Many thanks to all who took the time to reply and help me on my post. Plenty to think about.

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