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Thread: Close encounter of the red deer kind - magical!

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    Close encounter of the red deer kind - magical!

    I thought I would like to share with you all a magical moment that happened to us on Saturday this weekend.

    Whilst having a first walk around our new stalking ground to get a feel for the place, we had a close encounter like we would never have expected!! This was as we had just regrouped to walk back to the vehicle after a fruitless day (the moon was full the night before so the Roe were not playing ball), we spotted a movement behind the bush 50yds in front. Thinking it might have been a fallow buck we sat and watched and got ready in case of an opportunity arising, but soon became clear they were Reds so we sat back and watched with the cameras. You can just make out the animals to the right of the bush at the start of the video but as it wasn't clear I didn't dwell on it too much until it got a bit closer.


    Unfortunately there were no numbers of deer out during the day with the exception of the odd Roe Does on surrounding areas, but this encounter with the Reds made our day! The noise of the stream and the perfect wind direction meant that we were within 6 yards of the red's without detection, I could even hear the follower mewing quietly to the mother (I believe it was saying "who the f*cks hand is that wobbling on top of the wall with a silly mini camcorder ..... don't they know we're out of season!?!?!" ). The follower was so close I had to lower my camera and try and film it through a hole in the wall, all with a camera without a viewfinder so no idea if i was pointing it in the right direction!

    I am sure this will never happen to us again let alone get it on camera!! If only the two reds knew there were 3 x .308's the other side of the wall she would not look so relaxed!!

    Hope you enjoy it...

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    Nice one.You won't forget that in a hurry.


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    Nice video clip Timney, thanks for sharing. DF

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    Awesome job there fella, you must be a very happy chappy!!

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    Thanks, yes very happy. It just goes to show that there is definitely more than just pulling the trigger when out stalking. It is the whole experience that makes it the joy that it is. A pleasure to be outdoors in fantastic countryside, breathing the fresh country air, listening to natures noises, plus the sun was shining which is always a bonus!!.

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    thank you that was enjoyable to watch and well done mate.

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    Great video.

    Its great when you get so close to them. Looks like the hind is very fat!! Only a couple of months before they drop.



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    Fantastic job! I am starting to think that a camera is essential stalking equipment. Well done.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Very nice.

    I always enjoy those 'at one with nature' moments when out in the field, all part of the conservation aspect of shooting.

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