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Thread: Which Left Handed Rifle.

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    Which Left Handed Rifle.

    I'm interested to find out what good quality rifles are available in Left Handed configuration.
    Does any one know if the Sako 85 is available ?
    Or what else is worth considering that is accurate ?

    Some thing with a varmint profile barrel.
    Ideally in .308

    Kind Regards


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    Savage would suit your needs.~Muir

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    I have sako and tikka in 243 and 6.5 one stalking friend has a 270 souer (sow.when am thking the p---)we can both exchange rifles and shoot just a badlysorry deadly.I think most makers have woken to the market and now do a pritty god job just need to handle them check what suits you safety catch position is not moved on some older ones.

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    I had the same dilemma and went for a Tikka T3 6.5X55 but as Muir says a Savage will suit your needs, straight out of the box they are a very accurate rifle,

    Kindest regards
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    Savage, Ruger, Sako, Tikka all fit the bill. They may be special order, but worth digging. ....Remington...??!!

    Check out this Ruger 300WM - beauty! (And Steve Beaty at Ivythorn is a top bloke) - Ruger .300 Win Mag M77 Hawkeye Stainless Laminate Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle

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    Remington 700 Sps varmint in left handed 308. Available in US but up to the gods if it is imported here. Otherwise look at the Sauer 202 lefthand but specify a heavy barrel - they are all supposedly interchangeable.

    Alternatively go for a single shot.

    Why do you want heavy barrel? Have you ever lugged one up a hill a few times. A friend did have a heavy barrelled Tikka 308 20 years ago - very accurate, but it needed to be because you soon got tired of carrying the damn thing any closer to the deer!!!

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    Good point Heym never undersood the need for heavy barrel Stalking is about field craft to me little point in long shots all they prove is you do not have ability to stalk

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    buy a secondhand action and get it rebarrelled .Anything lefthanded is difficult to find even harder to sell make sure you really know what you want you could be stuck with it for a long time. Sako do not as yet do anything lefthanded in the 85 though the website says look out for future anouncements (pr***teasers) The 75 only came out lefthanded in long actions so don't hold your breath
    a fellow l/h sympathiser

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    I have heard that the Savage build quality is a bit hit and miss. Get a good un and they are great, get a bad one and it is rubbish. Plenty of the manufacturers have not woken up to us lefties. I want a 223 syntithatic (Damn that spelling) but I'm unwilling to pay stupid money for it. Don't see the point in paying nearly 3k for a blaser when my X bolt (right hand unfortunately) gives me 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards
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