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Thread: Sunday morning before the kirk .

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    Sunday morning before the kirk .

    The things you do when you can't sleep ,a wee walk at back o the hoose production at it best and a fire and brimstone sermon and the high speed last rites were dispatched .
    Attachment 6188 Attachment 6189 Attachment 6187 Attachment 6190

    the weights were 1st pic 44 lbs head and legs off
    2nd pic 48 lbs
    3rd pic Lh 41 Rh 46.

    Two in the Roe sack, just what your looking for Taln ? home made for comfort.
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    wow thats what i call a good morning well done 2 very nice bucks their

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    I didn't know you were a Wee Free Bob Nice bucks though.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done robert mature fellas as well were they all near each other.

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    cracking looking animals

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Well done robert mature fellas as well were they all near each other.
    As the crow flies Davie within a circle of about 1500 meters across, Ive been seeing them for a while there were others that I could have stalked into and shot on Sunday, Just watched them to see what areas they are holding any damage at all they are off .

    These all came off areas that I gave the Does a hammering on, just after the new year ,just bringing the balance to the correct proportions, still a few to come out, in the next 4 to 6 weeks before the cover comes up to high and crops get damaged .

    There after I'll take it easy on them only removing, anything that is a problem ,then its on to the Red a lot to come out this year after Febuarys counts, they got use to the winter this year ,nature cannot do it all, it is down to the rifle and a little knowledge.


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    these beasts look really good mate.keep up the good work bob,roe sack looks good,once again thanks for that on sat .take care.dont be knackering yourself with all that stalking now

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