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Thread: looking for a used quad

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    looking for a used quad

    hi a friend is looking for a used quad four wheel drive in the strathclyde area dose anyone have one for sale or know where is best to look agricultural suppliers ect.

    thanks rab

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    have a look at some ex mod sites can remember which 1 but they had ex army quads for less than 2 grand

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    I've been looking recently & came across these up your way rab.

    Honda quad bike 450 TRX FM 2002 | eBay UK


    off road quad bike | eBay UK
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    That Honda 450 for sale on ebay is being sold by a mate of mine, good bike in good condition,

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    i know hes a bit faqr from you but there is a dealer in keith called gordon hay
    extremly good

    he has a lot of new and used machines
    thats where all the local farmers including me go to

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    Try JMT bikes in Forth, top bloke and has good quality used bikes in now and again.

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    depending on how much he wants to spend try Ramsay and Jackson at Mauchline they always have used machines and there Honda.


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    hi rab, dont no if you got a quad you could try reekies in stirling , or drysdales in kinneswood , drysdales are near loch leven in tayside , they have a lot of bikes ,

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    Just joined the forum, very helpful information!

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