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Thread: mossberg 243

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    mossberg 243

    well got my first 243 its a new mossberg atr it is a bit plastic but for money it is ok will be out to zero it in next few days the bolt seems very smooth as was told that bolt could be a bit rough but is good to me so will let you all know how it goes

    cheers webby

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    Throw up a few pictures.
    No reason why it shouldn't shoot well. and...other rifles have plenty plastic too.

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    well whent out today and got it within 3 inch then the extractor claw broke after 20 rounds its only small bit of moveable metal that has gone and is easy replaced but shop i got it from is 2hrs away as its under warranty any idea on how to get it sorted quick as got stalking booked for 9-10th may

    cheers webby

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    I'd phone them up and get them to order one in then you will be able to collect when it arrives, who is the importer? That might be the problem, if there are no spares in the country.....

    Good Luck

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    yes just found out that is problem no spares in uk at moment bugger think its edgar brothers thats importers

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    edgar brothers thats importers
    Doh! ........................ good luck with dealing with them.

    Sorry to hear of your trouble ............................. I would be gutted.

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    E-mail Mossberg direct. American customer service is usually spot on, especially compared to Edgar Brothers.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Harry Mossberg customer service used to be very ................................. very good but the holding company who owns Remington brought them so i doubt it's as good now. I dealt direct with Mossberg over my 500 Slugster but that was 35 years ago now......................... Sheesh don't time fly.

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    a decent gunsmith could knock up a claw from scratch.
    if it is the difference between losing a weekends stalking and getting one made.

    There are lots of gunsmiths within 2 hours of you.

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    If it's going to take an unspecified time to get the rifle sorted and you bought it new, you should take it back to the shop and demand your money back as it could be described as "non merchantable quality" and your legal rights will apply.

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