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Thread: I might have Lymes Disease!

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    I might have Lymes Disease!

    I have had precautionary tests for Lymes disease in the past, after incurring lots of the little horrors on extended Scotland trips, but have never tested positive. recently, I have been experiencing serious joint pain and inflammation in my hands, feet and neck, getting progressively more debilitating over the last couple of months. I have seen my GP and have had various test for rheumatoid arthritis and even for gout - thankfully I have recently lost three stone, so they can't do the usual thing and tell me it's all because I'm a fat git. I have had a similar short bout of joint pain a few years ago, not diagnosed and not treated with anything other than NSAID painkillers.

    However, it has just occurred to me that I might just possibly have Lymes, as apparently it's not unusual to have one symptom such as joint pain, without all tha flu-like symptoms. Has anyone else experienced Lymes-related joint pain and if so, how well did it respond to treatment?

    And yes, trip back to the GP has now been organised!


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    Can't add anything helpful other than my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    ATB, Simon
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    I would imagine either sporiatic arthritis or neck arthritis, as lyme disease in my understanding leaves a circular red ring where the infection took place, and left untreated for a few months, can create nerve-system issues including fainting, blurred vision, etc. etc. then again, my medical understanding is limited to that of being a son of a GP, so just a few ideas...

    Hope you get better, and let us know what the outcome was if you wish to share..

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    Have you read this treatise by morena, the section below the pics is instructive WRT quacks.

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    Hello Adam - - I have a sister and nephew both with Lyme Disease, who have had it for many years. As far as they were concerned it seemed to take a very long time to diagnose. Hopefully things have speeded up somewhat nowadays although I'm not sure what definitive tests are available. All I can suggest is that you really push your Doctor into ensuring that you have tests as soon as possible. The speedier treatment is given, the more effective it is.

    I hope you are well soon.


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    adam i hope you find out whats wrong soon all the best,wayne

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    How about if you suggest to the Doc your ideas
    I hope everything works out for you
    All the very best
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    Hi Adam,

    Not had Lymes disease myself, but my stalking partner had it diagnosed about 5 years ago, and it still knocks him flat for a few weeks each year now. I believe the only way for a positive diagnosis is with a lumbar puncture!

    I wish you well



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    A straight forward blood test should find anti bodies if you have it. I think I am right in saying that there are only 4 places in the UK that test for it. It affects people in different ways, and can go undetected for a long time.

    I know I suffered joint pains, but then I have problems with my knees anyway. My problem when I had it was double vision and falling asleep all the time, but I caught mine very early and was put on a course of antibiotics straight away.

    If you are not sure GO AND GET TESTED, do not leave it, treat it seriously. If not treated properly it will really screw you up.

    All the best.


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    Damn I fall asleep all the time.. Cannot no read a book as I doze off. Joint pain well with arthritus well you get it perhaps I had better ask the quack and see what they say.................................... that is if I can get an appointment sometime this year.

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