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Thread: Ebay Binos

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    Ebay Binos

    Would anyone buy binos off Ebay or steer well clear, I am on a massive budget and would like a set of binos pretty much like and cheerful.

    Or if anyone knows where they sell binos quite cheap that would be great

    Thanks all in advance

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    I got bitten once when buying a phone and tho i got my money back it made me very cautious Now if i'm making a large purchase I have always look for a seller with lots of positive feedback. They have a reputation to loose if you leave bad feedback. I'll also email the seller and say that i'm interested in the item. I tell them i've had a previous bad experience and that i now like to be safe rather than sorry - i also say that i'm not saying that they are dodgy, but i want to deal with them direct, rathere than buy without contact. And then i'll set out what i think i'm buying - ie brand new, unmarked perfect condition working condition etc- this will form part of the contract should things go wrong and shows what you are expecting. I have always found that the seller will come back and wont be offended. And, touch wood i've never had a bad experience since

    Hope this helps


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    Fleabay can be an extremely good source of of good quality equipment, but as Scrun 63 says there are some unscrupulous people out there, so one has to be careful. I use it for all sorts of things and I think one has to be a little realistic and not expect something for nothing. There are good deals to be had, but fewer true bargains. On this particular seller I'd say 'No'. He's actually not allowed to not accept returns under distance selling laws - and from personal preference I dislike poor grammar in ads - it makes me uneasy. I also doubt the true ability of any glass to give 9x mag - if it were that easy, Swarovski and the like would all do it. I'd ask the standard two questions - what are you going to use these binos for and what's your budget. Many will say that you should spend more on bino's than anything else as it is what you will look through most!

    There is a seller on eBay who does some pretty good Bushnell bino's at a reasonable price - I'll see if I can find them when you have a mo, but look to brands where you can and push your budget as you'll really appreciate the difference.
    Feel free to PM me for more details

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    Yeah, I suppose if something is too good to be true then it prob is, thank you for the replies

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    I recently bought a set of as new Opticrons top of the range and half price!!. Absolute bargain.Be careful

    and check their feedback and what they have been buying and selling.Best if you buy second hand with

    purchase receipt and warranty card included.Otherwise don't buy.CJ

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    if your seriously looking at these you be as well take money out yer pocket and throw it away or burn it

    if your saying to yourself sounds too good to be true thenits coz it probably is.

    yeah we would all like 1000 quid pair of swarovski's or zeiss etc but for some of us this is a hobby not a job and we cant justify it ...fair enuff


    this forum is a great place for asking questions etc

    try steiner binoculars....i use em and mine were 300 and are superb and rugged etc....

    or ive read some other posts on here bout minox range....they are cheaper still but sounds like they are getting good reviews......

    realistically tho you want a pair of 8x42 or 7x42 for stalking......some folks use 10x50 or 10 x42

    i find tho that 8x42 is the perfect compromise between weight and useability.....

    mind if they are gonna be like the size of summit form an observatory your carrying them round yer neck for a few hours AND you want to be able to hold em without the use of scaffolding so you can see thru em without too much shake!!!!!!!!!!

    a'the best

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    I bought my stieners via ebay,

    cost me 100 for a set of bl**dy good bins.

    as said check the sellers feedback.

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    Although you need to take care on Fleabay as long as you only buy from vendors with 100% rating and lots of sales you should be OK as they will not want to lose their reputation or rating. To be ultra sure just click on their score and read some of the feedback comments.

    MINOX Binoculars BV 10x42 BR + NEW + Waterproof + | eBay UK

    The link above should be rock solid and the one below less so but potentially OK.

    Binoculars MINOX BV 8x42 BR or BV 10x42 BR + NEW | eBay UK

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    I put a pair of Zeiss 10 x 63 on E Bay and they only went for 400.00 by the time I'd paid commission I got pennies.
    The person that bought them had a real bargain because later I was offered 700 for them not by just one person either.
    I paid 1200 for them about six years ago but there was no bidding until the last minute and that was how they got a bargain.
    So if you know what you want and know how to work the E Bay system you can get real bargains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KGB View Post
    Would anyone buy binos off Ebay or steer well clear, I am on a massive budget and would like a set of binos pretty much like and cheerful.

    Or if anyone knows where they sell binos quite cheap that would be great

    Thanks all in advance
    avoid I use a gut feeling for thing, they are the size of a double decca bus, hence the giveaway price & lets face it under a tenner !!

    I be inclined here, instead
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