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Thread: sticks, bipod or both?!

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    sticks, bipod or both?!

    i was wondering if anyone could help/point me in the right direction....

    when out stalking with sticks, do you just take sticks or do you keep your bipod on?

    its just that i find if i take one, i always wish i had the other! any advice?

    cheers Harry

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    only ever use sticks, but bipods have a use on the hill in scotland say

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    i think you will get varied responces here so i think its down to personal preferance ,me i like sticks and only use sticks, from sitting to standing and i am confident with them but they are all i have known ,atb wayne

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    Primarily stalking Roe I have carted my Bipod about on the end of my rifle for many years. Recently thought that I hardly ever use it. Now I have a lighter rifle and only use my sticks.

    So far I haven't missed it at all. However I think if I was going up the hill after Reds I would stick it on again for that.


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    cheers guys, i'll just give the sticks ago to night then, also.....any tips on using a buttolo for muntjac?

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    I think if you do a search, this topic was milled last fall.~Muir

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    I have found that i can happily use both, just by sitting the sticks behind the bi-pod mount. Makes it easier if you are out and about on different terrain.

    A bipod will also sit comfortably on sticks that dont have a plastic rest on the top.

    hope this helps


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    If your not too worried about weight, i would say take both! You never know when either one will come in handy. I always have my bipod attached and i'm also never without the sticks.

    cheers, Dan

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    While out with John (YDS) from here a couple of months ago, he asked about my bipod, thinking back I dont think I have ever used them to shoot deer,

    I took them off and sold them,
    I carry sticks and practice with sticks,

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