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Thread: whats needed to start reloading

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    whats needed to start reloading

    i like the idea of reloading same as i tie my own flies what is needed to load say 243 rounds to get started and cost wise is it worth it compared to factory ammo

    cheers webby

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    Definitely cost effective. I started with a lee 50th anniversary edition with deluxe die set, factory crimp die,calipers for measuring, salter digital reloading scales. I spent in the region of 250. Quite a few things i bought were totally unnecessary, once i learned how to reload. My first port of call would be to purchase a lee 2nd edition reloading manual. It is a great read, and will help you make an informed choice. Ed.

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    cheers for that eddie was looking at them kits but didnt know if you needed everthing in it to get started as on tight budget after getting rifle lol

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    There is a kit called the lee loader that will get you up and running. Very simple and inexpensive. Search on internet and you will find one. Ed.

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    They look like this....

    Excellent ammo for little cost.~Muir

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    I got one on the strength of this recommendation.
    great write up on here somewhere about using it.

    if you are reloading for cost saving rather than sub .5moa groups then you can do a very good job with this and a few extras.
    total cost less than 40 (just dont buy them on Midway UK if you are in a hurry.....16 days to deliver!)

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    yes was just about to order 1 from midway lol does anybody know of any other suppleirs as cant find any other stockists


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    Quote Originally Posted by webby954 View Post
    yes was just about to order 1 from midway lol does anybody know of any other suppleirs as cant find any other stockists

    try this guy he lists them ,I don't know if he has them in stock though ITL Shooting Suppliers - for all your shooting needs - Ammunition you could also try reloading solutions in Oxford
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    got mine direct from the states on eBay, took three days!
    LEE 243 Winchester, CLASSIC LOADER COMPLETE 90235 NEW | eBay UK

    dont know where midway is based in the US but it must require a dog sled or pony trek on the first leg of the order! could have flown there and back and picked it up in person quicker than it took them!!

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