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Thread: .375 H&H

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    .375 H&H

    Does anybody use a .375 H&H for reds in this country? i was asked this by a freind as he wants one for that purpose, also you think it would work?



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    Hi Sam
    I use my .375 H&H on Reds, cracking for big southern stags on the top edge of big southern valleys, can save a lot of dragging
    The stag in the photo was shot with a 250 grn swift A frame courtesy of a mate of mine in Cornwall. If he had cleared the fence he had a very, very steep valley to fall down

    I've changed the pretty Sako in the picture for a Synthetic Remington and put a huge Wildcat Moderator on it how I can use it Wildboar without stressing the neighbours.


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    Sam - I don't, but I know a man who does. He primarily uses it for trips to Africa, but he has used it on red deer and with the right reloads it certainly does the job.

    What I can say is that, having fired the .375H&H on the range, I will be sticking to my .308 A year later the scar has almost cleared up!

    Others on this forum can advise far better than I, but I'd be interested to know what questions might be asked if you put in a variation for a .375H&H and the primary reason was deer control. I would guess it depends upon the ground.

    Not sure I'd have felt comfortable using the .308 on the boar in Wayne's photo however

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    Here's one shot with a .308


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    nice looking gun

    a small big pig and a plastic pig

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    It's not the .308 that I had concerns about!! It's how to hold the rifle steady when my knees are knocking


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    Hi Sam

    I have used my 375 on reds and fallow in the UK with a 220gn flatpoint. Very effective. Moderate velocity works best.


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    Yes and Yes!

    It' a lovely round that gives a shove rather than a slap. Definately not a bench gun - but for stalking it does take some beating.

    One round for the world!

    rgds Ian

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    Possibly the round for taking anywhere in the world. I have a BRNO 375H&H which I predominantly use in Africa, but have also used in Finland on Moose.

    If you are hunting Africa the 375 H&H will take any of the African big and small game. From a tiny Steinbuck by using solids, through to a Bull Elephant or Cape Buffalo.

    I have used it a few times on deer in the UK, but prefer something a bit lighter.

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    Nice boar wayne
    herefordshire's best I presume

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