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Thread: .22lr high velocity

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    .22lr high velocity

    Does anybody know which is likely to be the best high velocity 22 lr round in terms of velocity and accuraccy.Plenty of fast ones like the stinger but found them very inaccurate.I.know it may vary on what rifle you have but would be very grateful of any experiece anyone has with different hv rounds thanks

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    you need to wake up Mr Muir!

    I have used Winchester Laser which were fairly accurate. but to be honest I rarely use HV in 22

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    I'm awake. That rimfire test is interesting but inconclusive. Three, 5-ahot groups is not indicative of anything when it comes to judging ammunition. When I decide to shoot an ammunition I shoot several hundred, to 1000 rounds before I determine it's worth. In the end, it's not always the group size, but the reliability of the ammo in question to repeatedly deliver it's mean average. I am good friends with a statistician of remarkable abilities and we were discussing accuracy, and the standards we would like to set for rimfire ammo, and the question was asked: which is better? Ammo that puts 9 shots into a bug-hole at 100M and tosses the 10th one out an inch? Or an ammunition that shoots round, ten-shot 1" groups? The answer is, of course, the latter. If you think it's the same-same, think again. If you were shooting a 100 yard Small Bore target with a one-inch diameter "X" ring in the middle of a 2" ten ring, the former would score 100-9X. The latter a 100-10X, winning the match. The lure of the occasional 1-hole group you'd get from the former ammo is strong, but not reliable in the long run.

    With my philosophy about rimmy ammo out, I'd say look to CCI Mini-Mag solids. I have found these to be very reliable in about every gun I've fired them from. If they shoot a half inch at 25M from your rifle, you can pretty much count on that half inch, lot to lot. I know you can't get Aguila easily, but I'd vote for their Super Extra High Velocity, 40 grain solids above all other "high" (not hyper) velocity ammo. It is my gold standard for accuracy. This is a 50M groups using the HV 40 grain...~Muir

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    i had no idea the Win Laser stuff I was using was so quick compared to others around 1400fps!

    also having read that article it says the same:
    "One thing I have learnt from running this test, and that is the incredible inconsistency with all of the ammo tested, except the ELEY TENEX.

    You get one group that goes into one ragged hole about a third of an inch, and the next one is spread over 5 times that area. You can hear different reports from each round, as some of them go supersonic. Some of them have wax over most of the brass case, which got into the chamber, causing some cases to stick, this required frequent cleaning of the chamber. We cleaned the rifles barrels before the test, but no cleaning was done in between."

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    The best I have personally tried is the CCI Velocitor which is available here.

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    +1 for the velocitors and the stingers were'nt too bad either.


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    I have gotten some decent accuracy with Velocitors, from some Lots, but other Lots were really inconsistent. (read, junk) Stingers have never given consistent accuracy, from any rifle I shoot them in.

    I tested some 36 grain ammo the other night that came in "bulk" packaging: a cardboard carton with 333 rounds. My first four, five shot groups gave sterling accuracy; about .3" at 25M from a light sporter. The next twenty, five-shot groups averaged .64" at the same distance. I switched back to my bench-mark ammunition and the groups were tight and round. Back to the 36 grain bulk ammo and I got consistent .6" groups for the next 100 rounds.

    This bulk stuff isn't bad ammo, it just isn't the most accurate in my rifle. Good enough for rabbits? You bet. Good enough for off hand practice on clay birds out to 50M? Sure. My first choice? No. But I'm kind of a rim fire freak. I'm going to keep some of this 36 grain around but when the playing card splitting competition begins and the money is on the table, I'll be shooting something my rifle likes better!~Muir

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    CCI Stingers in a Sako Finnfire.... Accurate and fast.... NICE

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    Yesterday afternoon recieved 1000 Federal 31 grain "Game Shok" (1400 fps) that shot remarkably well. They have a long parallel-sided profile despite their light weight. I shot 500 of them at 25 and 50M last evening (from seven different .22 rifles) at paper, twigs, paintballs, bits of clay bird. I saw nothing that would exclude them from head shooting rabbit-sized game at 50-75M.~Muir

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