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Thread: Food safety management diary for wild game meat producers

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    Food safety management diary for wild game meat producers

    As I am just finishing off my larder and making sure it meets EHO standards, I have been looking at the various processes for implementing a simple HACCP plan and larder protocols, e.g. Cleaning, temperature checks, meat processing temperatures and so on.

    In doing so I stumbled over references to the Food Agency's Food Safety Management Diary for Wild Game Meat Producers. After a conversation via email with Freddie Lachman at the FA, my shiny new binder arrived today. It contains all of the templates for larder daily and monthly checks, an HACCP template, sample policy documents, appliance servicing schedules - basically everything you need to manage food safety within a larder operating as a small food business to supply processed venision under the trained hunter exemption.

    If you want a copy, email and include your name and address, as it's in hard copy rather than electronic form. It's well worth having.


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    Cheers Adam.

    I'm already registered as a FBO but haven't seen this and welcome any advice on how to better my set-up.
    I've just got 50% funding towards a new larder from the East of England Wild Venison Project........................................
    Which was nice!

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    Don't they realise that by encouraging you, there'll be no wild venison left in your neck of the woods

    I doubt this publication will tell you anything you don't already know but it's a well thought out package and it's good to have a set of 'approved' processes and protocols to compare with your own ideas. I can see EHOs really liking it as a record of how you operate your business.


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    The stalker/lease holder one a large local estate that is the largest provider of venison in the area refuses point blank to have anything to do with this sort of thing or DMQ, the trained hunter scheme or BDS ! and gets away with it . Beasts off to the dealer with no tags , butchered animals off to farmers market and back into the freezer , dogs in the larder and chiller . so well done Adamant , thanks for the advise

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