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Thread: Help using sticks?

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    Help using sticks?

    I am looking for some practical and helpful advice please. I am just starting on the road to stalking and will be taking my DSC level 1 in the relatively near future. I use a .243 and normally shoot off the bipod where my shooting is quite reasonable (I can consistently shoot a 1 inch group in the centre of a target at 100 yards)
    I went out the last Sunday morning to get a bit of target practice and being as it was such a glorious morning I decided to try a "mock" shooting test for the DSC 1 - shooting prone off the bipod at 100 yards, sitting with sticks at 70 yards and then standing with sticks at 40 yards. I did fine, certainly much better that the required standard set in the DSC 1, but I found that my barrel felt like it was moving about like "a fart in a bowler hat" when I was standing with the sticks. (I did manage to put each shot I took within 1 inch of the bull off the sticks when I managed to steady myself, so no real problems there)
    What I am asking is:
    Can anyone suggest a way of steadying my rifle (And myself) while on the sticks please that might help me feel comfortable using this descipline? I have been told that a strap or chord from the top of the sticks to under my feet might help, any advice short of "Practice, Practise and More Practice" please.

    Edit: Maybe I should add that when out lamping rabbits with my HMR I often use a thumb stick as a monopod and don't seem to have "too much of a problem" with that!

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    dont worry about the dsc1 shooting test mate you can do that test with your eyes closed

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    hi mate im left handed so my stance is like this sticks pushed into ground a little and my right leg extended between the sticks and my arm holding the sticks is fully extended .i find that with my leg and arm in the correct position thats the key to being steady and slow your breathing down because heavy breathing t moves the sticks are 1700mm long and with my arm extended they lean forward to get the correct shooting postion i also use my sling as the rest between the fork of the sticks which gives good grip . i also think that dont hover over the target too long people hang around too much and then the wobbles start .set the sticks get a good stance good breaths and then aquire the target and release the trigger slowly. just practice atb,wayne

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    Like you said it's not the shooting it's the being steady. You have you get a stable position that works for you and the type of sticks you use can make a difference. Good spread of the legs and rifle nicely secure. The garden cane tripod for a fiver is great and I found that practicing the set up of sticks and the smooth swing from shoulder to get into position was the most important part. Once in poition you can sort yourself out into being steady. Having said that you need to have the rifle secure for any good shot and practicing just standing with the rifle and sticks set up for while helps a lot. Faffing about with new stick without practice loosing people a lot of deer. My did look at me funny when practicing in the kitchen looking into the garden.

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    Get comfortable in the position you feel at your best in and practice practise practise
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    Thanks for the advice so far but do any of you advocate the use of a strap or short rope from the sticks to the ground to help stablise the sticks please?

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    me personally no but like others have said its whats comfy for you i didnt want the hassle of a strap i just wanted to keep things simple ,atb wayne
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    I always use and recommend using a short length of rope from the top of the sticks to the ground.
    I have a length about 8' with a loop on each end.
    Whilst stalking both loops are over the top of the sticks between the cleft.
    On expecting or seeing a deer, I drop one loop and stand on it with my left foot, place the sticks forward in the usual position and lean froward on the rope. That with will give you a solid rest to shoot from and after the shot is taken the rope can be used as a drag rope or used for a suspended gralloch.

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    Take half a step back, then lean into the sticks.

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    Become a master shooting off-hand, then sticks will seem like they were bipods...

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