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Thread: Interesting shops in Paris

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    Interesting shops in Paris

    I've been badgered into taking Mrs Scrun to Paris in May - well it keeps her off my back when i want to go stalking .

    Anyway, I was thinking of mixing business with pleasure (not sure which is which though). Does anyone know of any shops in Paris that a stalker might be interested in ? Address / details would be appreciated. Not optimistic tho, cos my French teacher hasnt even got a word for Gunshop or the like !

    Plus does anyone know the Rules and Regs or can point me in the right direction for importation of bullets and loaded ammo from France ?

    Thanks in advance

    Oh and being dragged to Britanny in August, does anyone know of any stalking they could recommend there ? ...........and Gunshops

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    Have a look at Derolle (46 rue du Bac, in the 7th arondisement). Not a gun shop but a very interesting taxidermist.



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    plenty of places of pleasure,,folies pigalle?...don't bring the Mrs

    As for gunshops,,paris isn't the place, not for fishing not for shooting..There are plenty of stores outside of town, like Vernon or Mantes La Jolie, but that's a helluva trip, so not worth it.

    what 'is' funny about the french, is their range of swords, exotic knives, cross-bows, etc. etc. etc. apart from hand-guns, it's pretty liberal. A bit like a modern day primeval weapons shop....sort of..

    if in Paris, my recommendation is just to enjoy the city Take a stroll through the 6th and 7th Arrondisement, via rue de grenelle and boulevard st. germain. kick back with some espresso's, and visit a few places of interest..may I suggest Rodin's museum and gardens with his Portes D'enfer (Gates of H*ll) near Esplanade Des Invalides (where Napoleon is buried)...will take your breath away and make you want to be a good boy Maybe have a fancy lunch at Cafe D'Esplanades on the opposite corner,,,their fries/chips are the best you will ever get,,,mixed with club sandwich and a cold beer

    ...need to visit paris again.

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    Or try this;

    You will tend to find they are full of mostly unused service rifles from the early half of the 20th Century.


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    To follow on from PKL's post....

    If you have any interest in military history I can recommend a visit to the Musée de l'Armée at the Hotel des Invalides ( It is an excellent museum with some of the great paintings by Detaille, De Neuville and Meisonnier.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    why not try amsterdam theres loads of great shops there

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    I would have a look in at the Musee de la Chasse (hunting museum) in the 3rd arrondissement, 60 rue des archives...

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    I visited and the higher end and found different and interesting stuff at both.

    The French are into both automatic knives, balisongs, and brass knuckles of various styles and surpressors (silencieux) are just nothing... vente libre so gun shops can be interesting places to shop.

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    Thanks for the advice. If i'm let off the leash i might get to see a couple of the recommendations. And, no Norma, thats not an Amsterdam sorta leash mate

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