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Thread: front sling mount pulled out

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    front sling mount pulled out

    hi guys need some urgent advise my front sling screw has just pulled out of my front stock can it be filled safely and rescewed in the same position or do i re drill lower down and fill the other hole bearing in mind i fly to new zealand tommorrow so need to do this asap thanks in advance,wayne

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    You could use some fine car body filler, & re drill slightly undersized to your sling screw.
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    fill the hole with arreldite and then screw the stud in to the hole before the glue sets and allow to fully set.
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    On my synthetic stocks I have sling studs that go straight through with a washer and nut on the inside.

    If you can find this style of stud and it would fit your rifle (i.e. not bedded) this would mean not having to drill another hole. You may want/need to fill the existing hole slightly in which case for extra solid anchorage a drop of araldite will stop it ever going anywhere again.

    Heres a post relating to the same problem from a couple of years back:

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by reiver View Post
    fill the hole with arreldite and then screw the stud in to the hole before the glue sets and allow to fully set.
    If using araldite I suggest you lightly vaseline the stud screw & then, whilst the araldite is setting, slowly screw the stud in & out. That way you don't permanently fix the stud into the stock and it can still be removed when you next want to refinish & oil your stock.

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    cheers guys i decided to redrill the stock i was abit concerned about it pulling out and breaking everything i have re drilled and put the stud in slightly lower i have got my dad coming round with a hard wood dowel to fill the hole and resand and stain over night at least i know it will be ok ,atb wayne

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    Hmmm I take it Bi-Pod use?

    Have had to repair several due to this I use the machine screw and ferrule typ Q/D stud in such cases. Not much help as you going in the morning but for future reference.

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    hi brithunter no bipod but the original sling mount had seized causing the stud to work backwards and forwards when i noticed the swivel not working i baught new mounts but i think too late and tonight getting ready for the off i noticed it had pulled but not let go lucky really i could just see it smashing to bits and ruining my trip.

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    hi wayne hope you have a good time in new zealand dont shoot too many
    atb tom

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    Just glad you caught it before it could do any real damage. As I said any suspect ones now I fit the machine screw and ferrule type. The P-H 1200C was stripped out when it came to me as was the Majestic featherweight. On another note the Monarch i acquired a few years ago now someone had over tightened the sling loop and stripped in in the wood. I have yet to repair that one as I need to find a suitable loop. I had one pull out on a BSA CF2 whilst using a bi-pod on the range hence the question.

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