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Thread: What a weekend!!

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    What a weekend!!

    As a members knew I was looking to get a GWP puppy,

    And got offered the oppurtunity to have a trudvang pup and grabbed it with both hands, last friday drove to scotland picked pup up on saturday and drove home. So excited with new pup, gorgeous and seemingly intelligent. Well worth the 780mile round trip!

    Then Sunday came along, messing about with a few mates and a cricket ball i came into bowl, my first ball of the game, and being a bowler was looking to clean up.

    Run, jump and SNAP, we look for the broken bat, or stump, then withi a split second a fielder screams and I join in, replaced by biting onto a glove! My leg was what emitted the gun shot of a sound, and is stuck out at an angle! I've broken my lower leg in 3 places, had a 390mm x 10mm rod inserted on Monday morning and the best bruise on my thigh.

    This is not the start to life with a new puppy I had invisaged.

    I believeone of the worst starts to training a pup you can have!?!?

    I'll get some pics up this week(I'm not doing an awful lot else!) pup leg and bruise!

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    Sorry to hear that, sounds bloody horrendous.
    Hope it does not hurt too much, although I think it might.
    Get well soon, and good luck with the pup mate.



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    How many runs did you lose - did you take the wicket though?!

    Sorry to hear about the injury - and the trademark sound that went with it.


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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo.jpg 
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ID:	6340Doctor, Do you think its broken?
    Can't get puppy pics up yet, like to add them, eases the boredom

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Finn with Harriet.jpg 
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    And got this chap last weekend, day before I did my leg! I think he thinks I'm 6" high but 6'4" wide

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    Dicky, thats a game you won't forget, or want to remember. Cracking looking pup. Seeing that piccy of your leg made my sphincter crimp a bit !!! All the best on a speedy recovery.

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    DC I never let go of the ball... I'd spent the winter training and had got good(or better) and now miss the season.

    Callie mine cramped a it too! Couldn't work out why I could see the sole of my shoe without bending my knee

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    All the best for a speedy recovery and hope the pup come along well! I gave up playing cricket to make purely a spectator sport and now I think I'm justified!

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    Just a good job it wasnt your middle stump .Great looking pup wish you well with it and its training

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    + one regarding the pup, sorry to hear about the leg, If the pup grows as fast as mine did you are going to have your hands full sooner than you think.

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