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Thread: Bullet fragmentation

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    Bullet fragmentation

    Whilst out stalking the other morning , looking down a ride i could see a Muntjac buck at 60m. i watched him for a while, untill he stood broadside, taking a shot with my 65x55 the Muntjac dropped on the spot . On inspecting him i could see the entry hole and exit hole( 40mm) through the chest . i then noticed a fresh wound(15mm) above his rear hoove . This puzzled me and i can only assume the bullet or part of it must have turned 90 degrees to do the damage . Has anyone else had a bullet do something similar?


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    Most unlikely that the bullet turned 90 degrees on exit through the chest I would have thought?
    I've had bullets fragment on hitting cover which I hadn't seen in front of the animal which may be the cause but you should then find the entry hole is larger and ragged rather than the usual 6.5mm and round!
    Maybe it is an unrelated wound sustained previously?

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    A few months ago I shot a vixen at 50-60m with 223 60gr Vmax. I shot the fox just behind the shoulder as it was side on to me. She dropped on the spot and when I walked over her back leg was missing, I thought holy **** I didn't aim that far back. There was a small entry behind the shoulder and bullet turned at almost 90 deg and exited removing her back leg. It certainly made we reconsider my backstops in all directions. Will post two pics once at my pc

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    Are you sure it was a wound and not just some blood on the leg?

    On another forum there were a spate of reports of bullets doing strange things and for some reason the majority came from muntjac. I think there was even one where the bullet exit was on the same side as the entry.

    Another possibility is that it was a "secondary projectile" and was maybe caused by a bit of a rib bone exiting.

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    Bullets can and do do the most incredible things thjat fly in the face of all that is scientific,here is a bullet(100gr soft point)that took out a Roe Buck(165yds)that was quartered away from me and resulted in no exit wound,and a puntured gut.On butchering the beast I found what was left of the bullet in what would of been the nearest of the haunches,so,if you can picture this,it had entered behind the shoulder allowing for the beast being quartered away and smashed the heart,there was then a small nick in one of the ribs on the opposite side,and then unbelieveably came back on itself and ending in the haunch which would of been probably 45 degrees..........incredible!

    here is the said bullet with hardly any expansion atr all,just slightly misformed.........

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    I once shot a fox in the chest face on with a 30 06 , 135grn i think , it broke all 4 legs and blew half his brush clean off

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    I once shot a fox in the chest face on with a 30 06 , 135grn i think , it broke all 4 legs and blew half his brush clean off
    Was it dead?!

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    i think it made a full recovery,just a slite limp

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    There might have been a second gunman on a grassy knoll? JC

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    Muntjac again, .243 100 grain sierra at 80 yards. Broke a rib on entry and travelled full length of the body under the spine. Exited through the entry side haunch. What a mess, however, the bullet didn't break up.

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