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Thread: CRKT knives

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    CRKT knives

    Hi guys,

    I see that RVOps has a sale on for CRKT folders - specifically the 14k series of "sport" knives (all named after US mountains).

    Prices seem reasonable but, before I splash the cash, does anyone have an opinion on this brand?

    Thank you


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    Had the rep round last year. Pretty little knives with some clever designs but - and I wait to be shot down in flames - I would never use a folder for deer work. Too many crevices to fill up with gunk, grips are never positive enough and there is the ever present (if slight) risk of injury.

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    Hi Stayangry,
    I've got a little crkt lock-knife, bevel edge on one side, flat ground on the other with a short serrated edge for about 20mm or so of the blade (total edge length 90mm or so).
    Devilish sharp when new, held an edge well for a while but was a beggar to resharpen and I used to resharpen knives for a living so know what I'm at. I actually thought that I would ruin the steel cos I had to grind it so hard. Wrong alloy for a sport knife, or any knife outside of a pathology lab where they cut bones every day.
    Couldn't really recommend them.

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