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Thread: Im excited

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    Im excited

    Cant wait, pick up my new rifle in the morning (first ever brand new rifle ).

    Getting a browning x bolt 308 syn/stainless and got a nortstar ready to go on the sharp end


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    You wont be disapointed Dave, have X-bolts in .243 and 30.06 cracking peice of kit...

    Enjoy and have fun.

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    Nice one Dave, it's got to be the way to go!

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    enjoy the x mate! its a top rifle!!!!!

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    +1 for the x Bolt, got mine in .243, just feels so right in my hands. That said so does the Sako 85 which I'm just about to get. Still, the x Bolt is mighty fine, you'll have fun with it.

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    So good to see a good guys progress on here. To think it all started a year ago how time flies when your having fun. Best of luck with the rifle.



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    There's really no better feeling than going to collect your brand spanker from the RFD...
    I'm 42 and I still get excited, like a kid on Xmas eve when I buy something new.

    Happy hunting
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    why oh why did you get a 308 only kidding mate good luck with it all. I suppose you will be wanting to use it in June then

    Best wishes


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    here she is lads, all set up, im like a kid in a sweet shop , boresighted just got to zero it in the morning.


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    looks just like mine,

    ive got a 270 xbolt with the s and bender 8x56 ontop...

    great rifle.

    enjoy and have fun!

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