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Thread: Skinning and Butchering

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    Skinning and Butchering

    Feeling pretty chuffed with myself, I have just finished skinning and butchering my first deer,didnt do to bad after watching some videos on You tube. so reloaded my own rounds,shot deer ,skinned and butchered now going to enjoy eating it,also learnt alot about deer dogs enjoyed it too.

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    Well done Chris, hope you enjoy your rewards with nice bottle of red.

    No matter how much you read or watch, there really is no greater experience than getting in amongst it and finding out "hands on". Good stuff

    Everyday is a school day eh!!

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    Excellent. I know the feeling, this is all a constant education to me, and hugely addictive.

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    That is when you find out all the hard work comes after the deer has been shot! Still it gives you great satisfaction to know it was all your own work from the hill/forest right thru to the cooking pot. Definitely addictive!


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    yes this is truly addictive sport the more you learn the more you crave lol their is so many side to this sport you will never get bored

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